Lili of Velvet Tarot offers intuitive and psychic services which aims to provide querents/clients an overview of their situation and give them the guidance and clarity that they need. Look up my services and rates for more information. This is a safe space for everyone, No judgments, just guidance.

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Nationality 🇵🇭 Philippines
Languages English
Experience 4 Years

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LGBT Issues
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I am a Lili, a Pisces psychic in Manila, Philippines. I am over 20 years of age. I have discovered my intuitive abilities as a child, and have been developing my gift throughout the years. I have been practicing and evolving as a Tarot and Oracle reader this 2020. I have a shelf of books regarding tarot and astrology and this is a way of feeding me more information that I need when fulfilling services. I also meditate consistently to be more in touch and in alignment with myself and my intuitive abilities.

This is a safe space for POC, LGBT community, clients of any religion, literally everyone!


I have been intuitive and psychic even as a child and has constantly been very mindful wih my spiritual growth. I felt a calling this 2020 to start guiding people through the use of Tarot and Oracle cards, and I have been performing free and paid readings here and there. I also am connected and in touch with my soul tribe which motivates me to be a better intuitive reader and astrologist.


I am intuitive empath and psychic who uses card readings as a way of confirming my visions and hunches and oracle cards to help me provide guidance where it is needed. I use Astrology and Numerology to gather further details about the character and tendencies of the client.

Services & Fees

Velvet Tarot services and rates:
-all readings are in-depth and are sent thru e-mail/messenger and delivered as a PDF file. *Turnaround time for readings are 20 hours - 5 days. *Express readings (delivered after 10 hours) have a charge of $5 *Mode of Payment: PAYPAL or GCASH

2 card reading: $2.22
3 card reading: $4.44
5 card reading: $8.88
SPREAD (You or I choose an appropriate spread; more cards): $10

•GENERAL READING (Career, Love, Finance, anything that comes up)
Message from your Spirit Guides Spread: $7
Celtic Cross Spread: $9
Past-Present-Future-Advice Spread: $8

Soulmate Reading: $5.55
You + Your person + Obstacles + Solutions Spread: $8.88
Moving-on Reading: $9.99
Will He/She Come Back?: $11.11
How to Improve Our Relationship? (with the use of Romance Angels Oracle) $15

AUTOMATIC WRITING (What are the messages for you from your spirit guides and higher self? I will be connecting with them and will write a 2-page report sent via e-mail as a PDF file)

(Been seeing angel numbers/repeating numbers such as 111, 222, 1111, 888, 1010, 525, etc? These are wake-up calls from your guides and angels. Let me get their messages for you using these numbers.)

Natal Chart Reading: $15
Astrology Love Comprehensive Compatibility Reading: $25

â—‹You can mix and add-on these services (e.g. You would want 2-card question reading + Moving-on Reading).
â—‹Definitely no rushing of readings. Doing so will mean a cancellation of your order and a refund.
â—‹The reader reserves the right to decline clients if she feels she won't be able to connect with you, or if your spirit guides are blocking any psychics.
â—‹Be respectful and value the time of the reader. This is an energy exchange and let's be respectful. We only vibe in the place of love here.
â—‹When paying through Paypal, don't check the 'paying for goods and services' as they take a fee that doesn't get to me.
â—‹Feedbacks are necessary and greatly appreciated.
â—‹Tips are very much appreciated.


â–¼First time clients get $2 off any type of readings (except for the question-based)
â–¼Leaving proper and necessary feedback will get you a $1 discount on any services the NEXT time you book a reading (except for the question-based)

â–¼A client who accomplishes 5-paid readings with me will be granted a one-time FREE 3-card pull voucher for any day they want.
â–¼A client who accomplishes 10-paid readings with me (considering they did not avail of the 3-card pull voucher) automatically receive a one-time coupon that entitles them to ANY SERVICE THEY WANT (aside from Astrology and Automatic Writing services). This coupon expires after 6 weeks.

As I have a directory of my bookings with clients, it would be easy for me to confirm the number of paid readings completed per client. It is the client's responsibility to track how many readings they have done with the reader, and to message Velvet Tarot to avail of the 3-card pull voucher. *The 10 accomplished reading voucher is automatically sent to the e-mail of the querent (you have to track your bookings with me to be aware when you're getting a voucher in your email).

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