Hello and welcome to my profile. I offer guidance and direct answers through Tarot and Astrology, lets measure the potential outcomes and reevaluate all influences surrounding you!

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Nationality 🇦🇺 Australia
Languages English
Experience 14 Years

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Relationship (Current)
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Relationship (Complicated)
Future Romance
LGBT Issues
Spiritual Guidance
Astrology Forecasting
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I share a warm and happy home in Australia with my beautiful fiance and my energetic pomeranian. I work with Tarot and Astrology professionally.
Like so many people out there I gained wisdom and knowledge through tribulations, it was through these life experiences that I found the best advice and comfort I could obtain was through Spirit and Tarot.


My journey with tarot reading commenced at a very young age - I was an introvert as a child, I always felt spirit as if it was spirit that gravitated me to tarot cards as a little girl to growing a keen interest and love for the Art. I began reading seriously for others 10 years ago at psychic fares and market stalls to which i continue to this day. Mainly I work as a freelance tarot reader.


I use TAROT/ORACLE cards with various forms of divination methods combined with my spiritual gifts when giving a reading.
I MAY combine the following when giving a TAROT reading:
Tarot cards
Oracle Cards

I determine what to use based on the question or what energies I get from my client.

What I need from YOU:
A starting point; what you would like to ask/discuss the cards. Your First name, date of birth (OPTIONAL) REQUIRED if you would like astrology OR numerology combined in your reading. Photo (OPTIONAL)
I will then meditate on your energies while I shuffle the cards and split the cards in piles of 3 to which I will ask you to pick a pile always using an easy system: LEFT MIDDLE OR RIGHT. (there is no rush i am happy to wait while you take your time we all have things happening in the back-round!) Once you have selected your preferred pile I will then follow up with a spread and commence your reading.


Tarot Diploma 2019 - Achieved - High distinction
Psychic Development Cert

Services & Fees

1-3 Cards - $20.00
- (ONE QUESTION ONLY - please be very clear) 3 card pullouts
are great for quick answers/analysis and great for yes or no
answers - Don't be fooled though 3 card pull outs can provide
detailed answers as well!!!

4-6 Cards - $40.00
- (TWO QUESTIONS towards inquiry subject. For a more detailed
analysis on situation/question.

7+ Cards - $60.00
- (THREE QUESTIONS towards inquiry subject). This is great for
an extremely in depth dive into the question or circumstances
surrounding you. Its great at analysing a problem/situation from
all possible angles.

Don't forget that I also pull out additional cards at no charge and combine other divination forms free of charge.

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