I am an honest tarot reader wherein, I will tell u everything i see on the cards in straight forward with a kind and gentle delivery. If you are happy with this then I am the Tarot reader for YOU.

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Nationality 🇦🇺 Australia
Languages English
Experience 10 Years

Consults On Topics

Relationship (Current)
Relationship (Ex)
Relationship (Complicated)
Future Romance
LGBT Issues
Spiritual Guidance
Astrology Forecasting
Money & Wealth
Job & Career
Family Issues
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G'day my name is Libby, I am a nature loving pagan from Australia. I was raised in a environment where I was exposed to violence, abuse, abandonment, rejection, religious extremist, sexual misconduct & narcissism. A lot of my childhood experiences were mirrored in my future partners as well. Having no childhood allowed me to grow up very fast and have an acute sense of understanding of my environment, and helped me develop a deep emotional awareness of others and their feelings in silence. I am extremely empathetic and understanding and happy to listen without judgement.


My journey with tarot reading commenced at a very young age - using playing cards to tell fortune as a little girl to growing a keen interest and love for divination. I began reading seriously for others 10 years ago at psychic fares and market stalls to which i continue to this day. Mainly I work as a freelance tarot reader. My freelance work includes; events and online readings.


I use TAROT/ORACLE cards with various forms of divination methods combined with my spiritual gifts when giving a reading.
I MAY combine the following when giving a TAROT reading:
Tarot cards
Oracle Cards

I determine what to use based on the question of "feel" of the client. I am open to personal preference as well for example: I have many different tarot and or oracle decks that you are welcome to ask about and pick from :) If you prefer a reading with just oracle or just tarot cards you are welcome to make that request :)

What I need from YOU:
A starting point; what you would like to ask/discuss the cards. Your First name, date of birth (OPTIONAL) REQUIRED if you would like astrology OR numerology combined in your reading. Photo (OPTIONAL)
I will then meditate on your energies while I shuffle the cards and split the cards in piles of 3 to which I will ask you to pick a pile always using an easy system: LEFT MIDDLE OR RIGHT. (there is no rush i am happy to wait while you take your time we all have things happening in the back-round!) Once you have selected your preferred pile I will then follow up with a spread and commence your reading.


Tarot Diploma 2019 - Achieved - High distinction
Psychic Development Cert

Services & Fees

1-3 Cards - $20.00
- (ONE QUESTION ONLY - please be very clear) 3 card pullouts
are great for quick answers/analysis and great for yes or no
answers - Don't be fooled though 3 card pull outs can provide
detailed answers as well!!!

4-6 Cards - $40.00
- (TWO QUESTIONS towards inquiry subject. For a more detailed
analysis on situation/question.

7+ Cards - $60.00
- (THREE QUESTIONS towards inquiry subject). This is great for
an extremely in depth dive into the question or circumstances
surrounding you. Its great at analysing a problem/situation from
all possible angles.

Don't forget that I also pull out additional cards at no charge and combine other divination forms free of charge.

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