I believe everything happens for a reason, there must be a reason you are visiting this site. Everything in this universe is interconnected and we are all one at the end, therefore loving others are just loving yourself, helping others are helping yourself. And I am here to help :) Cheers XX Gee

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English, 中文
Age 37
Experience 6 Years

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This is Gee and I am an intuitive Tarot / Oracle reader. When I read, I am a vessel to channel message from mainly Angels and Great Spirit. We all have guides, so I will be able to channel with your guides as well to pass on messages to you. My specialty is love readings, my gem is Twin Flame readings as myself is on the Twin Flame journey as a light worker. I would love to help out any concerns you face, we are all in this together!


I started reading for friends and family members, joined online tarot readers group. Set up my own practice and currently building my YouTube channel, specialized in Pick a card readings and soulmate / Twin Flame readings. I had rapid ascension and spiritual awakening after meeting my twin soul, I hope my experience and calling for spiritual service could help you.


I use Tarot and Oracle as tools to channel message from Angels and Spirits. Sometimes I will receive Clairvoyant messages and will be passed on to my clients. Usually, I use Oracles to have opening messages, and use Tarot for mid-body reading, closing with Angel or Spirit messages. Most of my clients said is a calming experience :) so no need to be nervous. We will get though it.

Services & Fees

I prefer using phone and video to perform my readings, would love to be real-time as well. That is the best when i can feel your energy at the moment. I like face to face very much, so if you are around Dallas, TX area, we could definitely meet up for a reading!

** 30 minutes minimum as I like to be detailed with my clients :)

Love reading (ex, current, future):
$40 / 30 mins
$70 / 60 mins

Twin Flame readings specialty:
(This is an intense and in depth reading, will be around one hour)
$80 / 60 mins

Spiritual Path Reading:
$40 / 30 mins
$70 / 60 mins


Special monthly check-up promotion package:

For $88 / month, you will be receiving two readings within 30 days period (your choice):
- One intensive 60 minutes reading
- Follow by a 30 minutes energy check-up reading

** this can apply to both Love and Twin-Flame readings.

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