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35 years of experience in Divination, Holistic Readings, Wellness coaching. I offer love, career, health and money readings. Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology with other tools to match your needs.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
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Experience 38 Years

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I am from NYC and have been a reader since 1985. I was trained in Indigenous divination and Tarot as a teenager and learned how to cast Astrology charts before there were computers! I'm funny, down to earth and very good at finding all the clues that help you learn yourself and the world around you. I don't tell you the future, I give you the tools to create the future you want.


My readings are a combination of divination, psychology, and spiritual awareness. It started as forecasting when I was able to know when things were going to happen and being able to plan accordingly. What was the point in knowing if you didn't use it! As I got older and more in tune with psychology and therapy, my readings began to evolve into internal work and holistic coaching. I learned that everyone has a magic code that needs to be cracked. Only when you dig deeply do you find the gems in your life!


Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Cardology, Lenormand, Cartomancy, Gemstone, Chakra therapy. I reverse engineer my therapy: we start with your elemental makeup and work our way outward from there. All of the tools fall into place once we start at the basics. When we discover what you are made of and where it comes from, we can then work on where those elements are in time, right now, and what pressure points are stimulated by current transits. I help you build your strengths and help balance weaknesses. I consider everyone I read or work with an ally that I am trying to help win a battle. I want to see you win and prosper and I'm willing to do the work to help get you there.

Services & Fees

Online Chat Tarot readings half-hour: $45, Full hour: $80 You are able to choose your own cards for this reading and we go over your choices together. I love this reading because you infuse your energy into the cards.

Also offering $10/10 mins, $20/20 mins

Written Astrology readings start at $75 for a single chart, $135 for relationship and synastry charts. Charts are delivered as a PDF or Google Doc.

Full hour Skype or Zoom Video readings: $125 We can do as many online tarot spreads as you like or a full birth chart or transit reading. These readings are great if you have a specific problem and want to see it from as many angles as possible.

I also have online classes available where I teach you to read for yourself. Its a journey of self-discovery and the fees are different for each class. Please see my website for classes!

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