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Nationality 🇵🇹 Portugal
Languages English, Português
Age 33
Experience 16 Years

Consults On Topics

Spiritual Guidance
Money & Wealth
Family Issues
Friend Issues
Health Concerns
Mediumship (communication with the dead)
Decision Making


Reiki Master
Animal Communicator


Dream Interpretation
Aura Visualization
Touch / Hands-on
Akashic Records

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Spiritual psychic and medium with great experience with spiritual entities and problems, which may manifest on your mundane/wordly life, as personal, personality, professional, love and heath problems.
Ready to help.


Awakened to spirituality 15 years ago, spent the rest of time studying and helping close friends (Receiving their help too, from time to time).


Hierophant and Oracle of the Moon
Trained lay-priest of the Hermetic Order on Earth.
Representing Thoth, Luna, Morrigan and Hekate.
Member of The Fellowship Of Isis.

Brief description of Moon Magic/Lunar Sorcery:
The spirituality of the Moon is riddling by itself, as symbols show and manifest around the Interpreter. Reading and tracking these hidden clues and meanings allows me to perform work with the Lunar Spirituality.
As means of Psychism one can trace back people places and events which played an important role that designated the present here and now, present condition or systematism.
Lunar Psychism unveils the secrets of a given systematic or even human problem which can be harmonized, still with the vibrations belonging to the Moon Sphere.
The Moon Sphere works by attraction. As a lay-priest and sorcerer of the Moon, I personally make sure these forces work by the tides of attraction or mirroring/repellent protection. Sometimes I can establish points of attraction or anchors for its influence to "come by" and, thus, acquiring the proper results for someone.

Brief description of the Oracle of the Moon:
As a psychic enrolled in Moon Magic, I can personally delve on problems or situations which can bring an end to a desirable pattern or to attract new ones with my skills.
The Oracle can set itself around symbols or meanings that manifested in persons around all their life goals and unsolved problems. Dream Interpretation (Oneiromancy) can be used, along with the conjuration of more 'impressions' that will guide me, as the Oracle.
Consulting the Lunar Deities or their subordinate Intelligences is a viable option which can lead to the Oracular reading to be represented on a more abstract mode. Upon receiving the intelligence from these spiritual entities, it is up to me as the Oracle to interpret it and pass it on, the best way possible, to the client.
These spiritual entities are not always at their offices, meaning they can only be contacted at specific times. Which can go along days of consultation.
Dreams, omens and signs can manifest and become very visible. Sometimes crystal clear, sometimes incoherent. Giving me another try with those can be helpful, if you believe you may be finding yourself in trouble, that's alright for me to handle it all.
As a lay-priest and Oracle of the Moon, I can also order dreams to be send into that client.
It is also part of any consultation the conjuration of nearby spirits or entities that may be more or less favorable to you, and that will play a role on bringing you great success or be banished from your life. Seeking for inner peace and abundance. That can be achieved by energy work and spell-craft, performed by me, to grant you that boost of energy in your life, that you may very well need and be granted. Always choosing to be aware of problems before any intervention, which is performed with power and skill.

Other perks of my work are Talismans specially enchanted to protect you, to attract something to your life, like for example healing and insight. But also granting other practicioneers with mythical powers provided by the collection of spiritual entities, intelligences and genies i work with.
Rituals are too powerful and you can order series of them, given time schedules relating to cosmic or personal events. That can include attraction and empowerment and with the sundering/cutting of the ties that bind you and the malevolent influences that you may possess around you, thus, dissolving curses and other black magic practices.


City: Ovar
State/Region: Aveiro
Country: Portugal 🇵🇹

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