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I have experience working with two Ryder Waite decks as well as two oracle decks, an Osho Zen deck, and rune stones. I have been seeking a career with readings for quite some time, but my current location looks down upon it due to religious differences so I am seeking to do online readings.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 34
Experience 14 Years

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I am a 31 year old homosexual, androgynous male who is married with 3 cats and a puppy. I make a living through Social Security Income (due to a family history of mental illness) as well as through part time Doordash. Unfortunately, this is not enough to keep myself and my family(husband and pets) supported as much as I wish I could so i am seeking to expand with the skills I have but have never shared. I hope to be able to provide those who also need guidance with hardships a clearer expansion of perception through tapping in to the subconscious through the mind's eye.


I have had many tell me as I have experienced hardship and growth through spiritual guidance that they see me as a healer/someone who wishes to assist others with their painful experiences in life. I could write a novel about my experiences
, but I'll put it plain and simple that sometimes it is hard to stay positive and keep going, but it is possible within the mind's
eye to overcome any obstacles and keep yourself strong like a mountain.


I have an ability to tap in to the subconscious through divination techniques such as tarot, oracle, and rune stone readings. I am currently going through studies for shamanic practices and hope to one day achieve the transcendence that can bring me to peace with myself and others.

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