I am claircognizant, clairsentient, and clairvoyant, as they would say one might label it in the psychic community. I am highly empathic and intuitive. My gifts grant me the ability to just know things, although I do use tools such as oracle and tarot cards, but am not dependent on them.

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Experience 13 Years

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I am above all else a family oriented person, with children, and I care for my own mother. Presently I live in the united states and have a career in behavioral analysis, working with a wide spectrum of individuals from different backgrounds with various personal needs. I have always worked with individuals experiencing mental health needs, as I feel my healing gifts are best used in healing others, especially those who are vulnerable and have limited options to turn to.


I knew I was gifted as a child after a bunch of people came to my home to tell my mother that my father had died, and I couldn't understand why they were saying that, because he was standing next to my refrigerator talking to me. That was the beginning, but I was young, had no guidance and didn't understand what was happening to me. I grew up in a household with two siblings labeled as having schizophrenia, and a parent who had active hallucinations. Out of fear of being judged by others, I spent years suppressing, and not speaking of my own inner intuition. The few times I did allow it to flow, I was judged. However, your abilities don't just go away. They are there. So I've spend years hidden away, and chose to use my abilities in a different way. Taking care of individuals labeled mentally ill, deciphering what it is they are experiencing and helping them to heal. I have an amazing ability to tap right into people and see the part of them they keep hidden from others. Their pain, confusion, and worries. I can read it, and understand it. Unfortunately, sometimes I just know things and people are not always ready to hear or to face what I see. So it is a delicate process, requiring care and nurturing. My abilities have not wanted to stay hidden, and ready or not, they are evolving and gaining strength. To the point that I can no longer stay hidden. They need to be shared with others, because my light path is to help others heal and grow.


Describing my methods is a difficult subject matter to explain because I do have a sense of just knowing. Granted, just like any other psychic, I do not connect 100% of the time, but when that happens, it relates to a clients openness. Often though, simply giving me a basic description of the situation is all I need to provide insight, as I have a scribing ability. I prefer to work through email or messaging for this reason, as my abilities flow most strongly through written word. I also use tools such as mediation, tarot, and oracle readings to grasp clarity on difficult situations, but am not dependent on them. These tools often help me interpret messages from source energy, angels, and spirit guides. Allowing me to better translate their messages. I also see things such as images and events. I know people often seek a 'timeline' of events, but I will not provide a timeline unless it clearly comes to me, and will never guess. We are not always meant to know or see divine timing for various reasons. Especially if you are transitioning through a life lesson you must learn to continue forward. There is no timeline for life lessons, it is a process people must go through to ascend to the next stage of their life. However, I can give clear guidance on how to ease these transitions, as well as healing work a person must do. With a reading, you will receive the information that is for your greatest highest good, and not always what you want to or are ready to hear. If you have what appears to be a negative or disappointing reading, truly it is not bad, because it is giving you insight as to what you need to know in order to make positive changes in your life, to heal, and to grow as a person. It will give you insight into negative cycles you need to break in order to transcend into a more balanced life. Also, sometimes you may ask a question, and the universe may so 'no' this is not where your attention should be, and give you a different path you should be attending to. It does happen. So above all else, my method is to give you the most information possible using all the tools at my disposal. Also, know this, you may ask me a question, but if you attention is focused on some other situation in your life, I will pick up on that, and my reading will potentially re-direct to the highest priority at the time. Example: You may ask if 'John Doe' is the one, but your attention may be on whether or not you are good enough, or previous unhealthy relationships. My reading will likely pull in those details and read to them. Perhaps worrying if 'John Doe' is the one isn't what you need to focus on right now, it could be that you need to resolved past hurt in order to attract a health relationship. I also do on occasion connect to past souls, but will never force mediumship. Souls have a journey they must travel dependent on their life path. I only do mediumship for souls that clearly seek to communicate, otherwise the communication can be unhealthy if forced, and they are not in state to have clear communication. As far as dream interpretation. This is one of my favorites to do. Dreams are very important. They can be life lessons, communication from the universe, angels, and spirit guides, they can be premonitions, a portal to discover area's in your life in need of healing, and even your own intuition speaking through the dream state. Dreams often provide very clear need to know information about who you are, your past, present, future, who you are becoming, and things in your life you are suppressing.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Human services. I have worked with other psychic healers, trained under two published psychic instructors, and continue to work with more seasoned psychics to advanced and evolve my skills.

Services & Fees

Basic Dream Analysis: $30.00
Intuitive Dream Analysis with up to 3 clarification questions: $50.00
3-Card Specific Situational Card Reading: $25.00
Full-Tarot Spread Reading (up to 12 Cards): $65.00
1-Question Email Reading: $10.00
5- Question Email Reading: $40.00
10-Question Email Reading: $80.00
10-Question Email Reading, plus up to 4 clarifying questions: $120.00

Below are a list of services I do not offer at this time:
No Mediumship.
No Missing Persons.
No Fertility.
No Lottery or Lucky Numbers

I will not invade someone else's personal privacy to answer a question, and will not offer a refund for not answering those questions as I have already clearly stated I won't. I will give you opportunity to change one question if I believe it to be an invasion of someone's privacy. Please take time and think through what information you are seeking before asking. I am willing to offer guidance in this area before you submit your questions.

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