Three words to describe my reading style: precise, crystal-clear and short (to the point). The messages revealed are miraculously accurate and are NEVER diluted in their essence. I see, hear and sense answers. I do not interfere with the download of information. Hence, the accuracy!

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Nationality 🇮🇳 India
Languages English
Age 34
Experience 12 Years

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Born in India to a wealthy family, both material and spiritual wealth, I was fortunate to experience a superb upbringing. Values, morals and ethics are at the core our being. As a successful school teacher, I learnt the importance of patience, tolerance and empathy. Having spent many years battling and OVERCOMING PTSD, depression and anxiety; I recognize the importance of spiritual advice and I know the effectiveness of spiritual guidance. As a past victim of abuse, I now live a very free life. I can validate the tough journey I had to go through in my early years, for it was through those tough parts that a strong foundation of peace, joy and love is now created in my life currently. My advice to myself and my loved ones continues to be: "Don't skip the process of LIFE; enjoy it, live it and cherish it."


My ancestors followed the system of handwritten predictions posted via telegram, postcards, inland letters or aerograms. I still continue that practice for all my clients that have reached out to me (only through word-of-mouth) for over 10 years. I have been guided to help people internationally via email readings WITHOUT compromising the ethics and moral codes of this ancestral spiritual gift.


I see, hear and sense answers and I do not interfere with the download of information. Perhaps that is the mystery behind the accuracy of the revealed messages.
I may use tarot cards or angel cards ONLY if I'm guided to. Every reading precedes and succeeds with an Indian meditation practice (handed down from my ancestors) which cannot be revealed.
Detailed dream analysis and interpretations is another area of expertise. References are made to books and other materials handed to me by my ancestors. Dream Readings are phenomenally and mind-blowingly accurate.
It has left every client spell bound. The credit ALWAYS goes to the spiritual gift, my ancestors and the messages, NEVER to the messenger, for that dilutes the miraculous essence of this practice.
Questions such as When? Where? How? Who? are accurately answered with a no nonsense approach. Remedies that are both terribly simple and effective are provided on a case-to-case basis.


I have received NO training. 95% is a spiritual gift and 5% of my knowledge comes from self-learning. I do not intend to pursue any certifications or qualifications. All I intend is to continue nurturing this gift by practicing it with the purest of intentions WITHOUT ever diluting its essence.

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