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I am a skilled reader who connects to your spiritual team including spirit guides, guardian angels, and your higher self. I have been guided by my angels to help others with my gift and I take a compassionate and empathetic approach to all of my clients no matter the question.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Experience 3 Years

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I am a sensitive soul who enjoys helping those around me. I’ve been through a lot of trauma in my life that allows me to connect with others on a deeper level. I am currently training to be a biomedical engineer so I can help the world through medical research, specifically targeted to cancer research. I have identified as Buddhist for more than half of my life and find it to be quite peaceful in practice. I am highly spiritual and feel deeply connected to source and have gone from being atheist to believing in a higher power. I have suffered greatly in my life but it has taught me to overcome challenges and persevere when all seems lost.


My spiritual awakening began when I felt like I had nothing to look forward to and no one around me. I went through my dark knight of the soul to open up to my gifts.
The journey began with me wanting to confirm I was not losing my mind and all of the signs I was receiving from the universe were real. This led me to pendulums and tarot, where my passions had been ignited. I started off by diving in without wanting to go slow.
My first spread was a 10 card spread as I enjoyed challenging myself. I learned the cards through asking questions and allowing my intuition to answer. This led me to asking to do readings for friends and family to see if I was accurate or if I was just being told what I wanted to hear.
After hundreds of readings with all positive feedback I decided to create a business where I could share my gift with others and provide them with comfort or help in their times of need. I have evolved very quickly and am always looking for ways to improve my abilities to best help myself and others.


When it comes to reading tarot I always begin with a ceremony. I light an incense that correlates to the subject at hand. If you are asking for a love reading, I will light rose. If you are asking for a career reading, I will light Frankincense. Then, I continue by saging not only myself but my altar, my decks, and the room I am working in. I call on my spirt guides, my ancestors, my angels, and always ask archangel Michael to protect me with his white light of unconditional love. Once that is completed, I meditate with my cards for several minutes until I feel the connection. Once this happens I am able to begin shuffling and provide you with the most accurate answers to your questions.

Services & Fees

For written readings:
A 3 card spread is $10 (300 words minimum)
A 6 card spread is $15 (600 words minimum)
A 10 card spread is $20 (1000 words minimum)

All spreads are sent via email or Facebook Messenger in text form with a picture of the cards pulled.

For video readings:
A 3 card video spread $15 (5 minutes minimum)
A 6 card video spread $20 (10 minutes minimum)
A 10 card video spread $25 (15 minutes minimum)

All videos are recorded live during your reading and show me shuffling and reading the cards that I pull.

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