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Having trouble trusting or confiding in a reliable and enlightening spiritual worker? Or is it that your life is at a crisis point and you're seeking some real guidance? Maybe you have been having repeated relationship issues and finally are seeking sincere, divine messages of enlightenment?

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My name is Dominique A. Scalice and I am originally from Brentwood, New York. Born to a single financially disadvantaged mother, times were hard and we often lived in locations that provided me time and space to both see and interact with the supernatural world. I lived two lives often; fine-tuning my intuition and clarvoiyance over time.
I moved to Texas as a teenager and have been residing in the Dallas area for a few years, now. My main love for most of my life has been astrology and psychology, having always been fascinated by the underground aspects of the human condition; love and life. love music, of all kinds. I am a proud mother of 3 and I enjoy going to the beach when I get a chance.


I have over 10 years of experience doing professional astrology and Tarot Reading. I've spent the better part of my 20's immersed in the teachings of astrologers and getting familiar with different tarot decks.
I am well-versed in natal, composite and synastry charts as well as Draconic and some Vedic astrology as well.
I am aware that my gifts would be better off being used as a regular part of my life, helping others and being of use on the planet in a deep and long lasting way.


My absolute favorite divination tool is astrology and the charts. I follow the transits as the planets move throughout the sky and influence everything changing here on Earth. I can soak in and instantly depict both through imagery and verbally, the most accurate happenings and interactions of each planet and asteroid.
My second go-to favorite divination tool is the Tarot, and I have few decks to my name, and counting. I love being able to precisely and almost eerily predict accurately each time the past, present and future manifestations and experiences. It's a gift and something I take great pleasure in being able to do.

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15 min- $25

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1 hr-$100


State/Region: TX
Zip/Postcode: 75116
Country: United States 🇺🇸
mon-fri 10a.m-6 pm
After hours are available apon request

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