I’m an intuitive tarot reader, and my goal is to offer insight into issues you thought you knew all about and advice to help you make the best choices to reach the future of your dreams. I take pride in my readings being honest, clear, actionable, and custom-made for you.

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Nationality 🇪🇸 Spain
Languages English, Español
Experience 11 Years

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I'm a Spaniard by birth and an Englishwoman by heart. My education includes a Master's Degree, and I have led a successful career in the corporate world.

However, my true passion is helping others: I have a deep-seated need to offer support to those who are lonely, confused, lost, hesitating with their choices, unsure of how to reach their greatest potential

I've been there. I've found my way. I'm here to give you the tools and knowledge to find yours.


The first time I did a reading for a complete stranger I was sixteen. I was reading for myself in a park, and a woman asked me to read on her behalf. When she saw me again two weeks later, she began to cry as she thanked me--I'd been spot on.

It wasn't an isolated event. I kept running into people, strangers who kept finding me in random places and asking for help. Each person thanked me, for the insight offered, the new perspective, the advice.

Eventually, I realized that not having a university degree in the matter didn't mean I wasn't capable of helping people. I had a special connection with the tarot cards, and all I had to do was to interpret their message while wanting to help. They have your answers, and I translate them so their knowledge can empower you to take control of your life.


I have a special relationship with the Tarot. I own several decks, each with their own distinctive voice that, to me, is better suited to address different issues. Depending on the question asked, I'll select a specific deck and choose (or create) a custom spread to make sure you get the most out of the reading.

My approach to the tarot understands that the cards offer a snapshot of a situation. Through them, we can figure out how things stand, what hidden influences are at play, and what the likely outcome might be--as well as how to change that outcome to better reach our goals.

The future isn't set in stone: fate may offer us an opportunity, but it is our choice that will seize it!

Services & Fees

Tarot readings by e-mail. Deliverable is a pdf report for easy storage and reference.

Specific questions:

3-card reading: 10$
5-card reading: 15$
7-card reading: 20$

General in-depth reading: 40$

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