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I am Therese Heart, Spiritual Life Coach and Angelic Channel providing readings, healing, and support to guide empathic professional women awakening to their Divine Life Purpose who can benefit from my psychic insight to make informed decisions towards their big dreams and goals.

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I was a very confident child, unafraid of the spotlight until I entered primary school. I did not know I was an empath / highly sensitive person (HSP) and felt misunderstood by my peers who could not relate to the intensity and sensitivity I had in experiencing and understanding emotions and energies. I became reclusive and due to a dysfunctional family environment and psychological bullying at school, I learned to distrust myself and others, developed self-hatred and symptoms of a behavioral disorder due to unconsciously carrying others' and my own burdens on my shoulders, and bending and shaping myself to suit everyone's liking so that I can feel safe and loved. I became socially withdrawn, depended on sexual escapism as a coping mechanism as well as internet addiction, tied my hair and never let it down publicly until years later. I had an incident in high school which led my to expulsion. The shame I felt was overwhelming. I started dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts until my first Spiritual experience that marked the beginning of a totally different life: finding my Divine Life Purpose and meaning of life, tapping into and sharing my unique gifts and psychic abilities, reuniting and working with the Angels and Spiritual Guides, and healing from past traumas and OWNING who I am, what I’m capable of including the new purpose-led life I am building.

I was brought up catholic and part of my healing journey was healing the shame and guilt that came with “going against God” just by wanting to learn more perspectives on life, accept myself as a pansexual/bi queer woman, and feeling drawn to learn from non-Christian deities and mystics. In the first years of my awakening in 2012, I studied and read a lot of Hay House especially Doreen Virtue, and learned from lesser known authors on my Amazon book hunts such as Sanaya Roman on life purpose, manifestation, psychic abilities, and Angels. However, I felt that my knowledge was incomplete by some persisting patterns of poverty experienced by my clients and my own struggles. Why does manifestation keep failing? How come some people with good mindsets are still attracting poverty? How come there are some people who get what they want while others, no matter how hard, couldn't? I thank my 2018 online community, being someone who is socially anxious, comprised of POC, members of the LGBTQIA+, neurodivergents, witches, shamans, therapists, coaches, and eccentrics of all creeds who have helped me evolve from the HayHouse new age spirituality to a spirituality that is intersectional and grounded in multiple realities, which doesn’t neglect real factors such as race, economics, as well as generational trauma. My community are made up of people I have personally worked with from all over the world from Mauritius to the UK, and it’s in diversity and multiplicity that’s helped me become a better Lightworker.

As well as metaphysics, I have a BA in International Studies Major in Development Studies Minor in Gender, which has helped me question and develop discernment of new age beliefs that usually come from a place of privilege, dismissive of trauma, neurodivergence, race and economy. Empathy is still blind if one is blind to the realities that impact the client. I make sure to balance both mindset and healing work with pro-activity and context-sensitivity. I do not identify with any one religion, but omnism comes very close in describing how I believe that the paths (not one path) lead to the Light.


The work as a complementary/alternative counselor began with the changes I made with myself. The basis of my work and why I do this is because of what I’ve chosen to do for me when I was at my lowest and most vulnerable. It was 2012, when I had my awakening moment, when I experienced oneness among all beings, that I gradually implemented changes in my life. I started by buying a book about studying (because I wanted to do school right this time) and seriously doing the suggested practices. I was teaching myself that I can be counted on, and that I was capable of becoming a better person. It went further as to integrate positive self-talk through affirmations. I talked down on myself like breathing. When I said “I am loved” with conviction for the first time, I was able to do the second time and the next. Working with the Angels helped me believe the good things I was integrating into my life because they said it to me, “We love you. We forgive you. We support you”, which helped me believe that for myself. Ever since then, I practice mindfulness of what I am telling myself. I am also studying Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) since 2018 which is the basis of modern day CBT. As painful as it can be, I learn from my mistakes the most. I have learned the dangers of not being discerning of what you tell yourself from my recent dark months of the soul where I told myself that I am the only one I can rely on - which sounds positive, but has kept me from understanding others and getting support, which degraded my mental health. REBT taught me to be careful of the shoulds, musts, always, and nevers, and unrealistic expectations of others, which is a relief from the pain the new age belief of thinking that everything can be exactly how you want it all the time. Before REBT, I have also learned through my 600 readings of experience which I’ve done through live chat (and now have expanded to calls and video chat). Every reading has always taught me the power of humility, listening, and reminding myself that I do now know everything. I am not an all-knowing wise person. The person I am interacting with has wisdom I do not know and we are all learning from one another.


When a client approaches me with a question, the first thing I look at is “What are they really asking?” For example, it may seem that a clients wants to know if her boyfriend will come back to her, but tuning into the energy behind their words, the crack in their voice, and the pain in her eyes, I know that what she’s really asking for is if she will ever find lasting love, and that she won’t be betrayed again. However, everyone’s circumstances is unique. I thank my experience being part of an inter-faith, intersectional community, my training as a Listener equipped with active listening skills at 7cups, Integrative Wellness coaching certification, and my BA in Development and Gender, in grounding and refining my empathy.

Alternatively, using mediumship, I will ask the Guides or Angels what the client is seeking and how best to advice them. I then pull either Tarot, Lenormand, or Angel Oracle cards and use my psychic abilities to tune into the message of the card and relay any clairvoyant visions I see and clairaudient messages I hear. I bring in the Angels and Spiritual Guides in my readings because their wisdom surprises me as well with how simple the truth or the solution sometimes is, and the Guides and Angels who come into the reading get to be the personal guides for the client to work with. I also offer face or photo readings where I use my gift of empathy to tune into the photos. It is extremely enlightening and intimate, and clients often tell me how it was as if I walked in their own shoes and recalled their memories, patterns of thinking, pain, and burdens. I have the skill to turn wounds into healing catalysts. I show my clients how these things they feel are too large or too scary to confront are in reality, a hurting child-like version of themselves yearning for love and affection.

I always show clients how they are agents of change in their lives. Life may give you tragedy, heartbreak, rainy days, and storms, but you get to decide what happens after. I am a Spiritual Consultant to those womxn who choose to respond back to their lives with empowering and aligned action.

Life is not all tragedy. There is mercy, miracles, beauty, and abundance. I’m a testimony and I can show you how, why, when and what.


Certified Angel Medium and Mentor (AMM™), International Association of Angel Practitioners (IAAP), USA

Certified Spirit Guide Coach, Deborah King Center, USA

Certified Money Reiki Usui Reiki Ryoho, Master Rebecca Nulliah of Healing with Wolves, Mauritius

Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner, Academy of Ancient Magik, UK

Certified Integrative Wellness Coach, Renaissance Life Therapies, UK

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