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Hi, my name is Cristan and what I speacialize in is Entity Attachment & Cord removal, I am an Angelic Healer. Removing negativities from you and your home is what I do best, Living in fear? have anxiety or paranoid? Not able to sleep? that's just some, message me for a consultation!

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Experience 35 Years

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I am a Psychic Medium Telepathic Healer,
I Help activate Kundalini & clear the third eye.
I mentor and offer counseling as a certified life coach.
I offer a large array of services not listed here.
I was born and raised by a solitary witch Mother and
Raised Catholic father, I know both paths I'm close with god
And was taught to choose my own path.
Both my Parents are Gifted so,
I was raised to know about my gifts and that
they were normal to embrace them.
I never did it always terrified me.
I struggled with fitting in
and making friends.
I always knew I was different.
I have no religious background.
My earliest memory of ghost I was 2 years old I remember always
looking behind me
at age 8, I was awed for seeing through walls and playing cards
by age 11, I was
Hearing spirits in abundance, I learned that slowing down to listen was how you made them stop
By listening the scattered voices stopped.
I remember throwing myself on the bed with fists full
of my hair squeezing over my ears wanting it to stop
At 16, I heard my mom telepathically in a tragic event
that was my first memory of telepathy it continued since then
at age 17, I worked with a psychic on a police homicide case in Kansas city
by age 20, I was giving predictions to people
And remote viewing
by age 28, I was reading for several Facebook groups
at age 36, I created my own group
with a mission to help Earth and as many as I could
vibrate at their highest frequencies possible.
I had a psychic attack and searched for help going from psychic to psychic nobody knew what was happening to me, I searched the web for hours growing my knowledge
on what was happening how to make it go
away and how to avoid it from ever
happening again.
I started posting information
in group to help others like me while offering other types of guidance and foresight.
Living with these gifts are not easy as contrary as it may seem.
So I'm glad I can be there for others.
I struggle all my life, shutting off turning on, it's normal


I have endured terrible entity attacks
that kept me away from Mediumship
I was terrified of having anything to do with it
I always thought that no matter how much
knowledge you gain on ways to protect yourself
you will never be fully protected it does
not matter what you do.
Then one day a woman posted in group
terrified for herself and her son
I felt something awful I was scared to see so I carefully
jumped in to see
what it was, I was Terrified to completely look so while I was astro projected
Into her home I wouldn't leave the entry way of her home
I could feel the darkness.
I tried with all my might to help her without
fear using all my energy possible to clear her space
While shielding myself my home family n pets, bc yes they can jump too
And for the love of God I did not want anything to follow me
then from nowhere I was
blessed with a gift from archangel Michael
he gave me something I have never seen bf
and at that moment I knew i had nothing to fear
that this was what I was meant to do,
I had to fight the darkness. I now know why
I always seen
Negative things all my life and forced to face them.
I had found my calling.
I was given a form of protection to destroy evil forces,
so from that day forward I helped people with entity
attachments and home clearings.
I have saved life's from cord removals placed by
sorcery craziest thing I have yet ever seen.
for the fact I actually have impacted
someone's life motivates me.
I have a lot of updates from those
I have helped and to see the
transformations amazes me
And makes me realize everything I experience is really a blessing
it's really not a curse.


I was taught everything is energy.
everything I
use from a pendulum to a herb used in a spell
it all comes from source God, I believe that the universe always
so from my highest self and high masters
and the universe its self
gives to everything I do or use.


Akashic Records Master Reader
Kabbalah Master Practioner
Reiki Master/Instructor
Master of Witchery
PhD Master metaphysical practitioner in the arts of divination

Ordained Minister
Animal Communications
Birth Charts
House cleansing, blessings,
Psychic - Medium, Empath, Telepathic,
Angelic Shamanic Healer

Services & Fees

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I offer Certification classes for:
Reiki 1, 2 - Master Practitioner,
Space Clearing,
Holy Fire,
Tiger, Vampire, double diamond Dolphin,
herbal healing,
Crystal Healing,
Akashic Records,
Spiritual Development,
Master of Witchery,
Angelology & Demonology
Tarot, Oracle, Runes, Dice, Fire, Smoke, Bones, Charms, Biblamancy,
Clouds, wax.

Space clearing
Akashic Records
Master of witchery

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Address: Rt1 258-58
City: Lowry City
State/Region: Missouri
Zip/Postcode: 64763
Country: United States 🇺🇸
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