As a reader, many times I encounter folks seeking future answers. My manner of work is to spread the cards and to discuss matters with you such that YOU find your way to your "Ah-Ha!" moment. (Very satisfying for both the seeker and this reader!)

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Experience 29 Years

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I am from the city of brotherly love. I have lived in several places aross the nation. I came to settle on the west coast. I have been with my gal going on 30 years straight. My current endeavors include obtaining my Bachelor's in Psychology. My beliefs are very simple. God loves EVERYBODY. (There are times I wonder how but, that is not for me to judge.) We have cats and no children. I am the last of a crew of seven. I like the ladies. (And for the most part, they like me too.) As a reader, I tend to shoot from the hip. More times than not, I do a pretty decent job of helping others.


I think a certain online audio story will do best to explain how I got to my current position in life. I would love to list my URL for that but, that does not seem permissable. For the timebeing, I will briefly explain my story here in the text. For right now, the short text version will have to do. Somewhere in the mid nineteen nineties, I was at a local bookstore where I then lived. As I browsed through the various tomes, I found myself thinking about tarot cards and how I had been having a very hard time making heads or tails of the celtic cross. I was just getting to the place of giving myself permission to use something other than the celtic cross. As I continued to mill through the book store, I came upon the section for divination. The next thing that happened is still a mystery to me. Quite literally, a tarot set jumped off the book shelf and into my waiting hand. I was mid-reach for that general area when this happened. I knew that there was a pizza place next door to the book store. I also knew that they stored their boxes for delivery on the opposite wall of that area. Just the same, that does not account for that set of cards jumping off the shelf. I do not care how much force was used to throw a set of pre-folded boxes against the opposite wall. I have been doing readings ever since. That is my story and I am sticking to it!


As it says on my website for tarot readings, Very simply, I spread the cards and tell you what my intuition says. If you are looking for fluff or pie in the sky, I am not the tarot reader for you! What I will do is help you closely examine the things that concern you. My website for tarot reading is to be listed somewhere in the future. For the time being, I will have to wait for you to contact me to get you that information.


I have been doing tarot readings for at least 25 years. I am a certified Reiki Master. I am also a certified hypnotist. My primary goal is helping other lower their stress levels. Believe it or not, a good tarot reading can help calm a soul. I have a strong tendency to use angel cards.

Services & Fees

My main focus with will be to perform tarot readings with a view towards helping clients gain clarity. Whether we work over the phone, via an audio video interface or by mail. The cost I would normaly charge would be 150.00 for an hour reading. Since I am working towards partnering with a certain agency, I will have to ask your patience as I reconfigure my pricing.


I currently am not running any promotions.

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