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I am an intuitive tarot reader with 15 years of experience. I offer concise, no-nonsense tarot card readings focused on usable information and positive guidance. I always provide the full truth of the cards, good, bad, and ugly- and I won't shy away from tough subjects if they pop up in your spread.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 37
Experience 18 Years

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Relationship (Current)
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LGBT Issues
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I grew up in a low-income household with mentally ill parents, struggles with substance abuse were common. I took refuge in art and literature, but was a shy and heavily bullied child. As an adult, I was unable to afford secondary education and ultimately taught myself several software platforms in order to get myself out of the pattern of poverty I was raised in. I am not married, identify as non-binary (she/her) and pansexual. I am a chaos magician, meaning I acquire and discard belief systems as they suit my goals and will, but saying "pagan" is easier sometimes. I have no children but I helped a great deal in raising my younger brother, who was born when I was 14.


Shortly before my younger brother was born, my aunt gave my mother a tarot reading about him. She correctly identified his gender as well as eye and hair color. She also went into detail about what his strengths and weaknesses would be as a person. After a few years of getting to know my brother, I realized how accurate this reading had been and decided that tarot was something I needed to explore and understand.
I began attempting to divine for myself with regular packs of playing cards while I was still in highschool, and eventually bought my first real tarot deck at age 19, using the little white book and google searches to help me memorize card meanings and context. I began giving free readings to anyone who would allow me to: friends, family, strangers at strange parties I wound up in on the weekends. I received a great deal of positive feedback and have witnessed for myself the accuracy of my own predictions: I once told a friend "beware of attempted theft, someone will try to steal from you, guard your belongings" and the very next day their car was stolen off the street. While I no longer offer free readings outright except as demonstrations to potential employers, I feel strongly that the cards should always speak for themselves and never ask for payment unless the client is satisfied that I've provided a valuable service.


I generally keep a variety of decks on hand as I feel that each deck has a unique voice and talent at reading particular subjects. I'll quickly talk through the decks while the client considers their question, and once a decision is made and a spread has been laid out, I get into the rhythm by describing the spread position 1 and it's meaning, then the card itself, and then some detail about what that specific card means in that specific position. I usually do that for a few cards, and once I'm in a flow I am able to let my eyes jump around the spread, calling out similar cards and how certain pairings or groupings relate. I frequently let the visual cues of the deck guide me, and pay particular attention to details that seem to suddenly stand out. I sometimes refer to the numerology of a card to help offer context-- fours are about stillness whereas fives are about change or disturbance, for example. I will go over each card, and finally wrap up with what I feel is the main message or messages that the spread seems to be offering.

Services & Fees

$2.00 per minute for phone, video, or email readings.


I offer face to face live readings weekly at Apogee Wine Bar at a rate of $10 for one 10 minute reading.

Apogee Wine Bar

Address: 151 Park Ave
  2nd Floor
City: Rochester
State/Region: NY
Zip/Postcode: 14607
Country: United States 🇺🇸
Every Thursday 7pm to 11pm

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