I am Lucy, an intuitive tarot reader and energy healer. I can help you expand your consciousness and heal from emotional baggage through the clearing of your chakras and releasing blockages. My tarot readings will bring you clarity and divine answers.

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Nationality 🇳🇴 Norway
Languages English
Age 32
Experience 12 Years

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I am born and raised in the southern part of Norway, and I have been drawn to spirituality for as long as I can remember. I am an empath and it took me a long time to learn how to avoid taking on other peoples energies - I would often find myself drained and full of anxiety when being in a social gathering. Deepening my spiritual practice and learning more through a spiritual mentor, I am now able to benefit from the gift of being an empath as this compliments my clairsentient abilities perfectly, without it draining my own energy.

I live part time in my hometown of the south of Norway and the rest of the year I live on the South Coast of Kenya, where I run a guesthouse. This allows me a lot of flexibility to combine my job with my dream of helping people to heal and grow with the help of divine energy and answers through my readings.

As far as religious views goes, I have been brought in a non-religious household, but I have respect and understanding for all religions and beliefs. I believe that universal love and respect for all beings is the most important aspect of any belief system; through traveling around in Africa and Asia, I have met people of all religions and discovered how many wonderful people you can find around the world and how the majority of humans will be compassionate towards all beings, regardless of their religions.


Ever since I was a child, I would intuitively use pranic healing methods on myself and on sick and wounded animals by channeling Source energy, but it was not until the age of 15 I met an energy worker who informed me that I was in fact an inuitive healer. This sparked my learning curve and I got my first tarot deck shortly after, which is now about 17 years ago. I started doing free readings and sessions about ten years ago, although I had a few years in between where I got distracted by heartbreaks, insecurities and partying. Once I pulled myself together by tuning back into my spirituality, I quickly discovered who I am at my core and was then able to heal myself of all unprocessed emotions and past trauma. The last few years I have been doing tarot readings and healing at local events and fairs, as well as private sessions, with a large percentage of repeating clients. I have developed further by studying to become a hypnotherapist specialized in past life regression and trauma healing, as well as becoming a certified life coach.


My methods are very intuitively based and no one session is identical. I allow the clients to formulate their own questions, or if they prefer, I will formulate the question for them based on what answers we are seeking for their clarity. I never want or ask for any personal information from the client and I prefer to have no more than a username or the clients initials etc. prior the the reading.

Whilst communicating with the client about what areas to cover in the reading, I will usually receive a clear knowing about which deck(s) to use and what chakras need work. I will discuss the tarot spread with the client beforehand to make sure they feel like all of their questions are covered, and I discuss my reading openly with them afterwards and answer any questions they might have to my interpretations. It can sometimes take a while to digest the information from a reading, but I am always available to listen to the clients thoughts even post-reading, to help the healing process.

During healing sessions, I sometimes receive very specific information that seem random to me, but which might be of a huge importance to the client. I write down anything that comes to me during healing and the client receives a photo of my notes and also here I will of course communicate deeply with the clients post-session, and is available for questions and guidance whenever needed. My healing abilities have been with me since I was a child, and because of this, it is a highly inuitive method. I channel divine source energy to release any blockages of the clients chakras and I do a sweep to ensure a flow of energy throughout the body. I also use some reiki practices in my sessions if that is what my Higher Self feels drawn to in a specific reading.


Past life regression hypnosis
Psychotherapy and councelling
Energy and chakra healing
- School of Natural Health Sciences

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