I offer tarot readings incorporating spiritual guidance from one of my ancestors who evidences great interest in my career. I often use numerology and astrology to inform my readings and I also offer numerology as a separate service.

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
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Experience 35 Years

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I am a sympathetic and intuitive reader with more than 30 years experience of assisting people and businesses to maximise their potential and to move forward on their path. I have been married and divorced, suffered the loss of a child and have experienced many varied careers. I now identify as a gay man and I am active in promoting equal rights for all people irrespective of race, religion, gender, sexuality, physicality or anything that may cause society to perceive someone as “different”. I do not support violence in any form.


I first became aware that I was different in how I saw things when I was around 13 but I was scared of what was happening. I took up my first tarot deck when I was 19 and over the next 20 years I grew as a reader and began to accept guidance from the other planes. I became interested in numerology in the early 90s and I started including elements in my readings very soon after. Astrology is a more recent adoption which I find very useful in supporting my initial interpretations of readings. I do not conform to traditional beliefs and practices when delivering consultations but try to explore as many different beliefs and associations I can find.


I use empathy and intuition to all of my readings and I bring in elements of other disciplines such as astrology and numerology where I believe this would be beneficial to my questioner. I listen carefully to my guide and have become very sensitive to their lead. I do not sugar coat my interpretations as I do not believe that this helps my clients in any way. I will always give a complete and comprehensive reading, whether good or poor and I will always strive to offer additional counselling when a reading is not well aspected.


I am a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) and I adhere to all of their guidelines and principles.

Services & Fees

3-card guided tarot reading $7.50
5-card guided tarot reading $10.50
Celtic Cross guided reading $17.50


I offer gift certificates for you to give to friends and family as unique gifts. These are priced to cover the cost of your chosen reading; less 10%

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