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Francyne Felix (tarotexpertus) - Psychics Directory
Nationality 🇵🇹 Portugal
Languages English, Português
Age 31
Experience 2 Years

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Relationship (Ex)
Money & Wealth
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I've always been a person interested in the esoteric field. After going through an awakening of consciousness, I passed the tarot and other holistic therapies. Currently, I live in Spain and attend online helping people to guide themselves through the therapeutic tarot.


Officially I have been working with the therapeutic tarot for 2 years, however, my journey began long before that. My spiritual development began since my teenage years, reading many books and with spiritual experiences. I made and am part of the spiritual core in order to help people through spirits of light. When I open the tarot I am opening the book of your life and being guided by my spiritual family I can guarantee a reading that analyses the issues of your life.


My therapeutic tarot appointment begins with me and the consultant saying an opening prayer of egregore.
Full reading: I start my full print run if it is the choice of the consultant, in this print run we observe various aspects of the life of the consultant and then I open space for the consultant to ask questions about the issues she wants.

Services & Fees

Full reading: We focus on different areas of your life: love, work, health, family, mental... After the cards reading you will be able to ask questions until the end of the session.

Specific Query: It consists of a question to be worked on through the Celtic Cross, which is indicated when you have a specific concern, decision-making, search for guidance, self-knowledge, life change.

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