Caron Rhodes

I am an experienced Tarot reader based in Prestwich, Manchester, and come from a family with a long history of psychic experience. I also read Lenormand cards. Clients may choose to have readings which combine both Tarot and Lenormand if they wish. I offer readings over Skype as well as in person.

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Languages English
Experience 33 Years

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Hello, my name is Caron. I originate from Accrington, Lancashire, and I come from a family with a long history of psychic experience. My mother was very psychic, and this gift runs through her side of the family. I too inherited her abilities. I am very sensitive, intuitive, and also an empath. I received my first Tarot deck when I was nine years old, and have been reading them for most of my life. I frequently have predictive dreams concerning family and friends which often foretell topics such as pregnancy/births. My spiritual path has always been important to me as I have searched for life's hidden meanings. This includes various meditation practices, Buddhist meditation, chakras, crystals, etc. My spiritual practices, intuition, empathy and my life experiences have added to my understanding and interpretation of the Tarot. As it is for most of us, my life has had it's ups and downs, challenges and heartbreak with relationships etc, and so I have compassion and understanding for others. I am a mother with a grown up son and daughter.


My spiritual practices, intuition, empathy and compassion for others, my life experiences have added to my understanding and interpretation of the Tarot over the years. Throughout my life the Tarot has grown with me, and I have grown with it. This has given me a deeper insight into the cards' meanings, enabling me to delve into their wisdom. I started decades ago reading Tarot for friends and family, who found my readings helpful and accurate. This in turn led me to read professionally for clients I had never met before. They too were happy with my readings. They often tell me that they feel much better, more positive, and with greater insight once I have read Tarot for them. I now also read Lenormand cards as well as Tarot. Lenormand will give the basic ''plot'' of a particular area of life asked about, whilst Tarot will tell you how you actually feel about what is happening, and go deeper into details. Read together I find that they cover every angle.


After shuffling the Tarot cards, they are fanned out face down on the table, and either myself or the client will choose cards they are drawn to. I always tell clients to have a clear question in their mind whilst I shuffle and connect with the cards. I find that during the reading process I will connect to my intuition and psychic self. I often get a shudder or tingling sensation up my back or over my head when I have hit on something important and meaningful to the client. This is very reassuring to me, as through experience I know it to be correct, and to denote that I am on the right track. If clients wish to have me read both Tarot and Lenormand, I will shuffle and draw out cards and interpret them in connection with their question. These cards will give a direct and quick reply to a query. The tarot will then be used to give details, emotions involved etc, and generally go deeper.

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