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I’m a very accurate and direct reader. I prefer to have very little information before beginning a reading and am very helpful with giving hidden insight. I’ve been reading cards professionally for over 10 years and have several regular clients who I’ve helped build relationships and businesses.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 36
Experience 18 Years

Consults On Topics

Relationship (Current)
Relationship (Ex)
Relationship (Complicated)
Future Romance
LGBT Issues
Spiritual Guidance
Money & Wealth
Job & Career
Family Issues
Friend Issues
Life Guidance
Psychic Detective
Decision Making
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I’m a mother of four in a blended family studying Medical Coding and Billing. I’ve been reading Tarot since I was 13! I’m a military brat and traveled the USA with my family when we were stationed somewhere new every four years. I’ve always been into self-development and regularly try to improve my health and well-being. These concepts are at my core! I’ve had many types of relationships, which have given me a vast understanding of personalities and motivations.


I began reading for myself, then ventured on to read for family and close friends. As I got older, I started reading for people I knew over email which gave me confidence to branch out. I began reading for people I’d never met in 2017 and have had great success with it. I recently began reading live online for strangers and Facebook friends which has really helped me with card understanding.


I have a very strong intuition and have visions and thoughts hours and days before they manifest. I choose to read blind for my clients because I find too much info to skew my readings. I speak to the Spirits of Love and Light, and ask for their guidance pertaining to the matter at hand. I ask to be a messenger and what the Universe would like me to tell my client. If I’m using a spread, I’ll read my questions aloud and ask for these specific questions to be discussed. After getting the cards interpreted, I’ll read through them and connect them as if they were a puzzle. The cards usually tell me a story and it’s my job to read that story.

Services & Fees

My readings are $18-20 per reading, based on the spread chosen. This includes discussion after the reading.

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