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My readings will provide the blueprint to your happiness and Great abundance. I am very detail and caring, I am an Empath and your guide to manifesting your journey.

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Age 54
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I have one child a daughter who is just as intuitive as I am. She sometimes hates it because I am what you call a Momma Bear, and I channel in on her mental state way too often. I have been married for 10 years to my twin flame.
I believe in God, and Jesus. I still attend church. In fact, it was said to me in church back in 1996 that I had the gift of prophecy. It was something I would never imagine ever hearing, it took me back for a moment, because I didn't believe it, but I would stare at candle flames trying to predict my future and nothing would reveal LOL. However, I did notice whenever I had a serious question for God and would get on bended knees to pray, he would always send someone to tell me he heard my prayer and what the answer was.
I used to call psychic lines every month, and I was told then too that I didn't need to keep calling when I had the same gift. While I don't believe I am psychic, but when I dream at night and remember the dream, it always came to pass, and sometimes the same day that I wake up. My dreams are something I have not gotten used to, I don't think I ever will, but I accept them the Good and the bad ones, and I journal them down, as to document my premonitions.
Ever since I was in 2nd grade I was fascinated with spiritual works, and palm readers, and I used to fantasize about making things move with my eyes lol. In high school, I used to get paid to write love letters, apology letters, as well as write letters to parents for kids when they are feeling unloved or mistreated. With those letters people would just say something simple about what they wanted me to talk about, and I was able to write a two-page letter nearly word for word what they felt inside, and they would sometimes cry, because I was able to reveal what they wanted to say but couldn't. I never finished college because of money matters and then when I was able to pay, I didn't feel like going back, but my major was psychology, I was always fascinated about helping others and thought that was my calling. Who knew that Spiritual Enlightenment Healing was who I was to become? Sadly, I kept my gift private because when I would tell others they would look at me with disbelief. My mom and siblings would always call me for answers, sometimes way too much.
It wasn't until my own sleeping dreams started to send messages to me that this is who I am and what I am supposed to be doing publicly and to not to be afraid of my gifts. I now use tarot cards and oracle cards to help me get to the subject matter on hand and then the rest is all intuitive. Choose me, I will make a good friend, and I can help you become your best self for you, your family, friends and all loved ones in your life's path.


Two years ago, I saw a crystal shop in the mall and was immediately drawn to it. That was when I purchased my first Tarot deck. I started practicing on my mom and sister and myself and anyone willing to trust me. I later started studying with a private group called Eclipse Over Roswell and we'd do some throw down Fridays and read for each other and anyone that wanted a reading. Even back then I was able to deliver intuitively and incorporate scenarios and real-life experiences which helped them relate better to the cards. I now own about 45 decks and counting. That is still a small amount compared to most readers. The decks I choose were carefully selected with you all in mind. Instead of just telling you what you are going through--I now start with why you are having this experience first. To me that is the only way to make you aware of why things keep happening to you, or why you are stuck in the same cycle, or keep choosing the same type of lovers and friends. We all want answers and to get to the root of the problem more sooner than later. I can help you get there as well as coach you on how to break bad habits and smoothly move from one phase of your life to another. I have helped people learn to get around their obstacles, and how to listen to the angelic voices inside of them, as well as see the signs and number sequences in their path and to be grateful no matter what life throws at you. It is my pleasure to be able to help someone succeed in life, get clarity, and to know if they are going in the right directions. Through my readings, I get comments and feedback like this: “Girl you were on point”, “You put me in a better head space”, “How do you know all this stuff.” “You are nothing but the truth.” “Most detailed reading, I ever had.” “You confirmed what I already know” and “I don’t want no one else to read me but you.” With that being said, I cannot wait to see what you write about me.


When reading Tarot, I use a combination of my conscious desire to search for the true meaning and purpose alongside the ability to listen to and interpret the voice of your unconscious which is usually revealed in the images of the cards. I explore several spread types that I use in readings to gain insight into specific issues or seek guidance on different aspects of your life. I believe in prayer and meditation, before readings, I burn candles I use Florida water to cleanse myself, I sage, and burn incents as part of my ritual, and I protect my space with crystals. I usually start off most of my readings with helping my clients through self-discover by deep diving into their inner being to find some sort of peace of mind and this also helps you check in with your emotions, I call this the self-care method in which I use 7 cards if that is all we are doing, but if we have other matters to solve, I only use 3 cards and it is essential to do this because my intuition connects faster with you this way, and it allows you to open up and relax. I have daily clients that I work with, who likes for me to do the 3 card spreads for questions such as decision making, guidance, goals and progress as well as just a simple daily check in. My most favorite spread of all times is the Celtic Cross, the reason why is because sometimes you don’t always know what it is you need to know, or what questions to ask and the Celtic Cross spread is very flexible, and it can be used with or without questions, input and feedback.


I trained with Eclipse Over Roswell in Tarot Suits, I completed the Jennifer LeFevre Candle Reading and Candle magic online Course, I am currently studying with Kyle Gray on how to communicate with your angels. And I am looking forward to studying and getting certified in Monology with Yasmin Boland, but it is still a work in progress, The rest of my skills are all 100% God given.

Services & Fees

$20.00 for 10 min 3 card spread
daily check in or decision making or goal progress or guidance and evaluations

$30 for 15 min, 7 cards 1 question
spiritual or Self Care,

$60 for 30 min with 4 questions
Conflict or Resolution or Career reflection or New Venture spreads..

$80 40 min 6 card spread with 4 questions
Relationship or Self Care or Dream Interpretation

Celtic Cross............................ $120 for an hour with unlimited questions within that hour.
Full General reading covers everything. (Best Choice)


10 min 20.00
30 min 50.00

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