I have two years of experience reading tarot, and have taken a college course on reading both tarot and oracle decks, and have bonded with my decks of cards enough to know which deck is most suited to my client's questions. I am also able to see colors that reflect the state of my client's energy.

Shayla (syrupysmooches) - Psychics Directory
Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 24
Experience 6 Years

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Relationship (Current)
Future Romance
LGBT Issues
Spiritual Guidance
Money & Wealth
Job & Career
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I am currently a student attending the University of Redlands studying subjects involving tarot, spirituality, various religions, and art therapy. I am the eldest of twelve siblings and the child of divorced parents, and grew up knowing the the experience of living between parents first-hand. I grew up going back and forth between California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Since I was young I have been exposed to divination such as runes, bibliomancy, and, of course, tarot. My mother has practiced the Wiccan religion since her youth, which sparked my interest at a young age to look into it myself; I do not practiced Wicca, but am aware of it's various laws and sabbats. While I have experience with Christianity, I am currently an eclectic light worker and witch that works with the god Hades and the Archangel Michael. I also have experience facilitating visual meditations, and studying the symbols which occur in said meditations. Currently I am an intern at the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, running the library, art room, and historical archives. I am an asexual, bi-romantic, non-binary individual who loves poetry, painting, collage, and zine-making with experience in short-story writing.


In my sophomore year of college I took a course that enabled me to invest my time and energy into understanding my tarot cards, and their personal relationship with me. At the end of the class we had an official project in which we opened up tarot-reading services to the campus community. Prior to that I have given tarot readings online on Tumblr to the website's open community. I offer tarot readings and "energy drawings" at local art shows, these "energy drawings" are a combination of essential colors and shapes that reflect the energy I am receiving from the client. Today I am reaching out to more professional communities in order to open myself up beyond social media or local events.


Often when working with my tarot clients I request their favorite song before picking a spread or deck. I listen to the song while shuffling the deck, or, if the client is in person, I have them shuffle the cards before me so that my deck is able to pick up on their energy. After that, I take my client through each card in the spread and it's significance. Towards the end of the reading I tend to point out trends in the reading, such as many cards from the same suit, or cards from the major arcane. If available, I may charge my deck with a crystal that corresponds to my client's intended question, and am sure to cleanse my deck after each reading to avoid energy blocks/build up in my cards.

Services & Fees

$20.00 Celtic Cross: This spread goes over the energy of your situation and gives insight on the near future. This is a practical spread for decision making and direction, as well as a functioning check in on your state of being. (for both email or IM)

$30.00 Celtic Cross over Video.

Regular Readings:
Video readings are charged by the 1/2 hour with a fixed cost of $38.00.

Email Readings are as follows:
Past/Present/Future Spread or Problem/Solution Spread: 2-3 Card Spreads....$10.00
Love/Relationship Reading: 5 Card Spread........$25.00
Job/Money Reading: 5 Card Spread...................$25.00
Self Love Reading: 10 Card Spread....................$35.00

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