Tarot reader - Judeo-Christian background, LGBTQ+, young and open to people of all paths of life. Come from heavily spiritual cultures and my personal journey has always kept me near people that I've learned from, and in the past few years, it's been me providing some guidance to friends and family.

Juan  (synthreader) - Psychics Directory
Nationality 🇨🇴 Colombia
Languages English, Español
Age 27
Experience 5 Years

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Relationship (Current)
LGBT Issues
Spiritual Guidance
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I'm a Colombian of multiple ethnic origins; a happy blend of Mediterranean, local native, West-African and probably some more. Was raised in a Roman-Catholic family although I broke from the structure around 13.

I had given up on searching a spiritual meaning and communicating with the universe until love and luck got in my way in Iceland as I was pursuing graduate studies, there I had my first reading and I had never felt anything quite like it. It was the special friend who gave me my first reading the one who thought I could relate further to its magical meaning. Then I got my first deck, and the rest is history in the making.

Besides this, which I'm just now exploring commercially, I'm a strategy consultant for startups in fields such as environmental remediation, furniture and design, oil and energy.


I started drawing cards for myself, I did this heavily as I was trying to rationalise (I couldn't quite yet overcome my shock after my first Celtic Cross reading) and the more it made sense to me I was encouraged to start reading for the close people in my network.

After that, it has been a very nice and healthy way to communicate with friends and family, more than often I've found that the cards bring discussions to the table that people are otherwise not comfortable sharing, with issues such as financial misfortune, depression and inadequate relationships being a constant or a common "secret" that burdens people and their decision making in everyday life.


I do not cold read, I ask the querent what is it that they desire to find out or dwell into; and as I shuffle the deck I enjoy connecting with the person by making small talk over the town they're from, last conversation with mom, about their doggy or kitty, anything really.

During the read, I like to signal out elements of significance provided by the cards, and then I give the querent some space to tell me how they feel about it and if they think it makes sense to their particular situation.

It is in this space where I've had the most intense interactions and connection with people I don't know and with truly beloved family members or friends, secrets have been revealed and realization sometimes strucks people harder than I might have been prepared for, but always through dialogue and active listening they come out calm and with the satisfaction of seeing alternative perspectives to their particular situations.

Then, after the reading, I'm normally more than happy to talk to them about how they feel regarding the signs the cards have given and I blend in my strategy consulting day-to-day life and help as I can or as I'm welcome to with decision making.

Services & Fees

Tarot reading in multiple spreads.

Simple question, 5 minute reads, 3 cards. For 30 EUR (most popular)

Detailed situation, 15 minute reads, 8 cards. For 75 EUR (usually a horseshoe spread)

Custom reads, multiple spreads, multiple draws: 110 EUR for 30 mins, 70 EUR for each following 30 mins or fraction.

Ask about my love-related draws and fees!


First 5 clients get a Simple question read for 1 EUR through the psychics.directory platform.

First 5 clients get a Detailed situation read for 15 EUR through the psychics.directory platform.

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