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Hello my name is Sumlee. I am from Scotland and was born here, my mother is Thai and so I have experienced Thai culture and Buddhist practices as a child growing up. My grandmother was Christian and so this is where my love for angels came about. When I turned 13 years old, my beloved gran passed away due to cancer, I fell into a depression, the same year my parents split, being the main carer for my mother at this age I had to learn to grow up early to help support her. I had always been into spirituality, angels, and astrology as I have always naturally enjoyed these subjects. I got my first deck not long after all this happened and for hours on end would study the imagery of the cards, especially reading too many books, I then went on to apply and adapt my knowledge of the tarot to friends and family, amazed by the accuracy, I started experiencing the tarot through my life. It became a light amongst some dark phases of my life. I would seek out advice from the rich synchronicity and interpretations to understand the many situations that occur in life.

I have worked in the well-being industry for 7 years. I specialised in Thai Massage Therapies learning the meridians of the body. I then worked within a 4 star spa and also managing my own business while studying Beauty and Spa Therapies. I then went on to work in a health clinic offering several treatments for the well being of my client, helping improve their everyday life. I am trained in many other techniques to support my work as a holistic therapist. While I did this I would sometimes incorporate the tarot cards to help my clients further. Many of them feeling relaxed after a reading with me, as I create a safe space for them to share their feelings and find clarity. I then went on to study Reiki energy healing work.

I am married and have an 8-month baby. I also have a cat and dog who love each other when there is food.


I started off using the tarot cards for my own life, I then started to realise many friends and family reporting that they had really resonated with my reading and it helped them find direction in their life. I would read for strangers occasionally but not often as it was more of a personal tool for me. I then last year done a few readings for my massage clients and they felt very relaxed and gave me positive feedback. I then went on to do some free readings for complete strangers and they gave me so much confidence and feedback that I then was ready to offer my skills professionally, after taking a course of study on whilst on maternity leave to polish my skills. I then shared and talked to like-minded tarot readers while doing this course and had valuable experience reading for other experienced tarot readers that resonated with me and commented on my skill as being intuitive, that I picked up on a lot of information just by following my intuition. I feel I am able to offer insight for others and feel drawn to help provide support for others who are facing challenges in their life or also just want some relaxation and direction.


When I perform a reading I am focused completely on the person I am reading for and the situation, I hone in on the energy surrounding the situation, I then decide what is best spread or cards mainly using my intuition, I also piece together anything that I am feeling at that moment and time, I look at the bigger picture, I focus on how the person I am reading for can expand, and empower themselves for the best possible outcome and course of action, I don't just explain the cards I provide a clear path for the person to develop strength within. I look at the cards to see repeating patterns, I use tarot in conjunction with oracle to gain deeper meanings to the cards, If I feel called to do so.


All my qualifications are as a professionally trained holistic therapist, which many experiences of providing relaxation and well being to my clients. I am also a trained Reiki practitioner. I have only taken part in an official study on an advanced tarot course this summer 2020. I have however used tarot cards since I was 13 years old, then progressively over the years learning and polishing my skills with friends and family and later professionally. I only started offering professional readings last year 2019 in person which was a rewarding experience for me.

Services & Fees

This year I opened an Etsy shop TheLionessTheWitch

The following is only etsy chat and the complete reading will be sent by text through the etsy chat

Right now I have a good offer on a Lenormand Reading as I am still studying this, I will look at your upcoming month with the bonus of one tarot card and one oracle card for £8.88

Other readings I have
One Question £11
Past Present and Future Reading £10
Energy Check-In £11
Four Card Love Reading £11

The following is by etsy chat but also the option to have your own PDF or Video recording which I use through youtube.

prices are as follows
£15 delivering the reading through chat once fully completed
£20 for PDF reading
£44 for Video recording

Guidance from your higher self
Self Love Reading
Positivite Energy reading
Guidance from the Angels
Messages from Spirit
Three Questions
Past Life Reading
Life Purpose Reading
Love Reading up to 6 Questions
General Reading

I have an inner strength and beauty reading available called the beauty reading
etsy chat £17 PDF £22 Video £44

Celtic Cross Reading that goes into depth for general or with question
etsy chat £17 PDF £22 Video £44


I am doing a Lenormand reading to see your upcoming month plus one tarot card and one oracle this is at £8.88 while I am studying and starting out with Lenormand I am offering this. Thank you.

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