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Hi I'm Steven, I am a mystic, occultist and psychic with over 40 years experience who can help you make a profound spiritual transformation. Your body mind and soul are a story of unfolding fate which I may uncover for you so that you may peer through the past, present and into the future.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 76
Experience 43 Years

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My name is Steven and I grew up in a middle class family in Brooklyn, New York and having been married twice before I am now happily married to a wonderful woman for over thirty years.
I hold a Masters degree in fine arts with a minor in the humanities. I have worked as a school teacher in the visual arts and English Lit, been in outside sales, fitness, nutrition, worked as a copy writer, youth counselor, clothing stylist, and ran my own business as an art publisher.
I'm a Vietnam war vet, faced life and death, sickness, surgery, and broadly speaking faced the many vicissitudes and stresses life has to offer. I think at 72 I have accumulated experience to give wise council in service to others.


When I got back from Vietnam I suffered PTSD which led me to initiation and the healing balm of meditation. After years of meditation and ritual work based on the Kabbalah, via the Golden Dawn material and initiation into the Order Templar Orientis which incorporates various forms of divination and astrology I found that I was quite good at giving others accurate readings. In the beginning I just read for friends who got back to me reporting that my readings where spot on. While I can be quite direct about an outcome, I believe that circumstances are a mix of fate and free will and free will demands the wisdom to make the right moves in life and true inner alignment. So part of what I do is to support those I read for with good council to include giving them an understanding of the forces at work in their lives and the transformational healing work they may wish to take on towards calming self alignment.


My essential tool for divination is the tarot in combination with their astrological correspondences. I see the cards as touchstones that ignite a quantum shift of insight and subsequent mental hyper-link to the client.
I often, depending on the client, will start reading them before they ask their question. In other words; I will tell them what their question is before they ask it. This is very important towards verification of my connection to the client.
As I mix the cards I seem to get a very strong feeling that literally runs through my hands when the shuffle is complete. Depending on the depth of the reading required for the client, I may layer one layout over another, or lay cards corresponding to the names of the people or situation involved in order to uncover further details.


Masters Degree
Initiate of the Raj yoga
Initiate OTO rank Adept
Life long student of Vedic Astrology

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