My offerings are of truth, growth, and deep understanding. Join me in an incredibly safe space to learn about the secrets of the universe, and the path you are currently walking. I am here to uncover truths which will assist you in healing, and put you in alignment with your deepest desires.

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Nationality πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ South Africa
Languages English
Age 31
Experience 6 Years

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My life has been an ever-changing array of vast experiences and highs and lows. I am a sensitive being, and deeply understanding of the world around me. I was born in South Africa, and have been traveling around the world for 8 years, ever since I graduated. I studied psychology and philosophy, and use that knowledge to expand my healing work in Tarot reading sessions. One of the most incredible lessons which I have learnt up to now is that pain is an enormous facilitator of change and growth. I use my own painful experiences to find a constant place of peace and freedom within myself. It is through my personal healing journey that I am able to show up in this world, fulfill my purpose, and heal others.


I have been a tarot reader for five years. I have been working one-on-one with clients, and have repeat clients who have become part of my soul family. I am also a qualified astrologer, and have regular astrology readings with clients. My reading abilities have developed vast amounts, after recieving my first tarot deck from a close friend, I became obsessed with looking at the cards and studying the meaning of each. Initially, I was so commited to the underlying meaning of the cards, my interpretations were very informative, but not deeply personal. As I progressed in studying and practicing, I began to form a deep connection with the cards. It was when I started to hear the message, and have visions, that my reading abilities flourished. The basic understanding of the cards are so foundational, but the messages the pictures give, as if full of life, and always changing, have allowed me to deliver such specific, beautiful, and necessary messages. Tarot is my favorite language, because when I am delivering messages, the words move through me with such ease, it is the ultimate level of communication. Sometimes, I have not realized the true value of the words and message, until I look up at the person and see a soul in contenment for being seen for the first time.


I begin with intention. My intention is always to provide accurate, meaningful, and important messages. I work with my guides to provide confirmation, and work through areas that need to be unblocked. For a general tarot or astrology reading, I try to provide a balanced session including, personal energy, love, career, finances, and purpose. However, the cards or the channeled message does usually tug at me to spend more time finishing the message on one theme, this aligns with what the client is truly seeking from the session. I use the astrology chart or the tarot cards to initiate the message, but very often the energy arrives before the cards or chart appear. When the energy arrives, I feel deeply into the person and what they may be experiencing. This helps me to deliver messages without the judging or logical mind interfering.


Degree in Psychology
Astrology Diploma
qualified yoga and mediation teacher

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Consulations live/pre-recorded zoom session
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30min Astrology consulation - $30usd
30min Tarot consulation - $30usd
1hr Astrology/Tarot consulation - $60usd


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