I heal others by giving them the tools they need to heal themselves. My goal is to help you live your best life, but in a practical and fun way. I’m passionate about helping others and fortunate enough to be able to serve to the collective in this way.

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My name is Nichelle and I am a 33 year old who has barely survived her Saturn return LOL.

I'm from Northeast Ohio, but I relocated to North Carolina a week before the COVID-19 shutdown. Prior to that, I lived in Kentucky for 6 months. Four of those months were spent homeless and living out of my car due to a breakup.

I've always had an affinity for tarot and desired to work as a spiritual advisor full time. During my homeless stint I encountered a dark night of the soul moment, which then did a 180 on my mental state. I started realizing that nothing was done by chance. I had a clear way out of a harmful situation, and that my status was only as bad as I made it. I flipped my mindset and manifested some wonderful things in the process. I had time to sharpen my tarot skills, and hone in on helping others in a REAL way. My experience was important in learning compassion, that as a reader, I am not exempt to bad times. But that even through those times, I still desired to be used as a vessel for Spirit.


I learned tarot from a valuable mentor around 5 years ago.

I would begin reading spreads for myself and others as valuable real life practice and experience. I started self studying tarot more thoroughly, and meditating with the cards to pick up on their energies and their intuitive messages for me. I began studying the imagery as it's presented in the cards. I started realizing the importance of your relationship with your deck as well.

From here, I became even more passionate about the tarot. I strived to create a tarot course, using a combination of techniques and practices that I had studied for myself. Today, I am more so of a tarot life coach. I love helping people to realize their fullest potential.


I incorporate numerology, astrology, Kabbalistic practices, and intuition into each tarot reading I do. I am a Reiki master and incorporate some symbols into my tarot practices as well. I work with my decks to make sure that our relationship is like the extension of my own hand. I am an empath, and I am also highly intuitive. I trust my intuition above all in my tarot readings, and will scan a spread for energy before I even begin to analyze an individual card. I am also clairaudient, and listen heavily to my angels, ancestors, and spirit guides for advice on my clients' situations.

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