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I work with spirit and your loved ones [medium] to relay messages of information, clarity, guidance, but also in maintaining a connection with those who have passed on. I hope to leave you with answers to any questions you have for yourself or in connection with spirit.

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Nationality 🇦🇺 Australia
Languages English
Age 36
Experience 5 Years

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I am a 34 year old Australian from country NSW. A single mother to a 3 year old boy & a Fur-kitty named Tiki. I come from a loving family, raised by a single Mum who had a lot on her plate with my 4 other brothers and sister. My estranged father was adopted and raised by two loving and beautiful parents. I have lived in various towns and cities, currently study at University, write for online websites, and have a new found love of plants and gardening. While my life experiences are too long and vast to simply graze upon here, they are foundation for who I am and how I grow each day.


I still don't think of myself as a 'counsellor' - especially as the messages I receive are channelled THROUGH me and not FROM myself and my own perceptions or experiences. However, I struggled a lot with spirit initially and overcoming the fear of physical manifestations and just the general understanding of what I had been experiencing in my life. For a long time I allowed fear to close my awareness of to spirit and it wasn't until hitting rock-bottom and having my spirit family lunge me into seeking more guidance that I was able to realise that my fear was holding me back. Since that time, I am more aware and knowledgeable on what steps to take at the start. I use these tools daily to grow further with spirit and take pride in relating to those who struggle with the fear of the unknown. I continue to grow daily and look to help others who cross my path in the early stages of their spiritual growth too.


I am not entirely sure I understand the question here? Subject matters in relation to topics during a reading, or subject matters around divination tools with clients or the public OR how I use these tools in my readings? I will answer to the best of my understanding.

In relation to working with divination tool and techniques, I didn't use any in the beginning. I would simply meditate and open to channelled messages from spirit. Since then, I now work with Tarot and Oracle at times, as I have found there are some out there who prefer the visual aspect. For the purposes of a loved one connection, I will meditate and sometimes use meditative music to block out any outside noises - however, this is not at all necessary - it more puts me into a clear flow of receptive energy that allows for a clearer channel.

I apologise if I have missed the point of this question/statement/question.

Services & Fees

Love Tarot Spread - 30 minutes, $40 [AUD]
Future Love Spread - 30 minutes $20 [AUD]
One Question Reading - 15 minutes $20 [AUD]
Tarot/Oracle Reading - $30 duration varies - on a topic/theme/area of your choice

Pet Reading [Mediumship] - 30 minutes $40 [AUD]
Short Psychic/Mediumship Reading - 15 minutes $30 [AUD]
Full Psychic/Mediumship Reading - 30 minutes $60 [AUD]

All readings can be delivered via Email, Audio/Video link, PDF/Word file or FB/Instagram messenger.

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