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I use Tarot to help people gain clarity to their issues. With the clarity, together with the knowledge and understanding of Tarot, work with my qurents to deal with their issues at hand.

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Nationality 🇸🇬 Singapore
Languages English, 中文
Age 42
Experience 8 Years

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I am a Singaporean, male, married and have a child. I step into the society in year 2001 as a soldier where I spend almost 10 years of my adult life. After then, I have been in insurance industry as financial adviser for 4 years and 2 years doing small scale business. Since 2016, I started doing professional tarot reading. I have no religious affiliations although I have explore and study in limited depth on Christianity, Buddhism and Taoism. Not because I am a non believer, but it is what I believe in that I choose not to close myself from the others by selecting one. I believe everyone is individually responsible for our life, and by taking control of our actions, thoughts and emotions, we can better ourselves and our lives.


Since the beginning of my journey as a professional tarot reader, I have organised meetups and events to bring awareness of tarot and how applying it in our life can benefit us. Apart from introducing tarot to people, the meetups and events have also serve as a platform for like-minded individuals to share our opinions, experiences and skills. Through the numerous readings and interactions with different qurents and tarot readers, I have develop effective reading technique which allows me to help qurent gain clarity to his/her situation and assist him/her to move on forward.
We are making decisions everyday, and every decisions that we make will impact in some ways. It is a cause and effect cycle which none of us are spare from it. There will be times especially when there is a major decision, things that have certain impact on us, something that we hold dearly to, etc., that we like to know or glimpse what the future holds to make the correct decision. Yet, no one really knows what the future holds. Although we can make certain accurate prediction base on our present, the future is still subject to many influences which we may have no idea or control on. I have come across many clients wanting to find out wanting to know what the future holds, for example; Will I be married with my current partner?, Will I get a job?, Will I be laid off?, and so on. My usual response is to educate my client that nothing in future is of certainty, and it is how/what do we do now to attain or avoid the result that we want or do not want. I will work with them through the tarot reading session to evaluate different approaches to their issue and am always glad that when they end the session with better awareness and have a direction/solution at hand to their issues. Through my experiences, I have personally see that my value as a tarot reader is to help my qurents grow and make deliberate decision.


As a Tarot Practitioner, I use Tarot cards to bring clarity to issues at hands. Using the knowledge and understanding through the work with Tarot, to formulate approaches to deal with issues.
1. Understanding of what is the priority or issues at the moment?
2. Look at the overall querent's situation and relationship to his/her environment.
2. Identify challenges/obstacles/opportunities that are present and need to be attended to.
3. Assess the information and then working out solutions, options in relation to the question
4. Discussion and evaluation on the best course of action to be taken.

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