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When your cards are your closest friends, you learn their language like it's your first. Whether you need to peer into your darkest shadow, read the minds of your chosen few, or fortune tell the material world, I can access the material you need for clarity in your life.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 24
Experience 9 Years

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I am often times grateful for the chaos I have been surrounded by in life. Like a sponge, I've absorbed and processed not only my own experiences but the intense experiences of everyone I've ever met through my empathic and clairsentient abilities. I've fallen from graces and I've been immensely respected. I have been traditional and I've been an outcast. I have explored all religions and can respect any culture as I see the person striving for goodness behind the circumstance. Worldly is who I am, and helping others feel understood is what I'm about.


The myth of Chiron the wounded healer has always guided me through the toughest times. To know pain means to know others pain, and I have been transformed over the years into who I am today through the difficulties that have striked me.

When I hit adolescence, it was divination that nurtured the new-found depth. Approached with scepticism, I rejected oracles that would call me foolish or said that I was acting from darkness. Time after time, however, I saw these readings were correct, and my trust was slowly earned through a period of trial and error. Divination then became a channel through which my mentors have instructed me.

Friends, family, and coworkers started coming to me for advice when they were at their lowest. I found that I would sometimes connect with an energy much wiser and purer than myself that would speak to them while I merely watched. This voice, when present, always touched others and I begun to accept the fact that I can channel in the ways of a messanger.

Reading for others came naturally. When asked to give deep, counseling spreads I have made others cry, gasp, and have had the hairs on their necks stand up from the accuracy. When dealing with any negative topic, however, I always make sure to include hope, healing, and guidance.

Fortune telling is less dramatic but by speaking of past and present details that were unspoken and providing information about future manifestations I am able to leave others feeling satisfied.

Overall I am grateful to have gone through what I have and met the people I have met because it has put me in a compassionate place that understands that different people need to be spoken to in different languages for messages to get across.


I have owned over a dozen decks of cards and have experimented with even more online mediums. Needless to say, through thorough experimentation I have three decks (my "children") that are my lifebloods. With these three I don't need any other decks to supplement. I use one tarot deck and two oracle decks. The tarot is quite versatile while one of my oracles hones in on the material details and the other hones in on human emotional experiences. Together they form an exceptional team.

My spreads are quite open-ended and I prefer to use my intuition to decide how to draw for each individual in each moment. I am literally told what cards to use.

My empathic and clairsentient abilities are in use the moment I hear the other person's voice and listen to their story. The visceral data comes flowing in. I refuse to do readings through text or email because this information is not received the same on my end.

My intuitive, claircognizant, and channeling abilities activate when forming spreads and interpreting cards. I am told what card combinations to pull and whispers of what to say flow into my mind. Sometimes I may, quite impassioned, give an intensely emotional reading to someone. As it is happening I watch myself speak and I notice the silence on the other end. But when all is said and done, the other person is always touched.

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