Welcome! I was born with gifts of sight, hearing feeling and [removed] I work with spirit , The Orishas ... I’ve been practicing for 20 years but developing from my [removed] offer an honest, accurate reading and will always advise you for the highest good.

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Languages English
Age 42
Experience 24 Years

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So I grew up in the church, I struggled with my gifts as a child and teen because it was deemed as a bad thing in the [removed] Even as a teen it was a bit of a burden seeing things and knowing things I wasn’t supposed too. As a mother of 4 children (3 high care needs) I found in my 20s I started to pass on the messages and once I did this, spirit went away .. I learnt to value my abilities, I also work with the Orishas ( water) and do candle magic. I mainly work with Yemoja and Oshun., I leave offerings and pray when I get a chance in the sea or by rivers


I have evolved in ways that I can’t even describe, my vision is very fine, hearing is very heightened and usually try not to work with images, cards ect as it can sometimes show me too much information. My guides, family (spirit) are very much close by and how I perceive readings to be are very light and airy (abut like healing) the sensation is very [removed] my head (crown tingles) I feel spirit behind me to my left and right and energy moves around my heart area to my [removed] I once spirit pass on a message it goes but it’s always light, tingly from experience if i feel lower elements then I take time out to mediate, cleanse and reflect as I understand myself enough to know if it drains you- there’s an [removed]


I always follow my gut and I’m very blunt, I make a point to state that before I [removed] I will always say what I feel, see, hear and know. My agreement with spirit/god/the universe is to serve in truth and light and that’s what I intend to [removed] work within spiritual laws(morally my own understanding of them) and I’m very strict with it . I would never impose as in never ask for things I don’t want truth about


I have plenty of reviews.

Services & Fees

My prices start from £25 email, £30 phone £40 video for 30 mins.. £50 in person within that time I will answer any questions ect usually readings go on for longer depending the circumstances no extra fee is added


I’m happy to give a 10% discount for referral( recommendation) person referred name must be given and they will get 10% off their next reading

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