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I am an intuitive empath and healer. My purpose is to truthfully and compassionately share the insight I receive from the spiritual realm to help you find the answers you seek. I intend to guide you on the path to free yourself from whatever burdens you and to restore a healthy balance in your life.

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I was born in London in the UK and I was raised in a Christian home and practically grew up in the church. However, I associate myself with being more spiritual than religious, as I have always been in tune with my higher self, my spirit guides and the angels, and religious practices have always felt quite contradictory to me. I have always been extremely sensitive to my surroundings and the energies of others, not always able to decipher which feelings and thoughts were my own, until I began the journey to my personal spiritual development.
I have experienced many dark times through life's ups and downs, but I also managed to find the inner light within to help me through, and this is what drives my passion to guide others along their spiritual journey.
In a more practical sense, I am a graduate with two degrees, a bachelors and a masters, and I work within the education sector, helping to place children in suitable schools.


I have always had a deep interest in astrology, tarot, numerology, healing and all other things spiritual, since I was a child. As I grew older and became more immersed in spirituality and my own transformational journey, I decided to learn more about certain topics, and now I have Diplomas in Astrology (Western & Vedic), Tarot reading and Energy Healing. During and after my qualifications I completed several readings for close friends and family, and I still offer this as a gesture of goodwill when they are seeking guidance.
I initially started out using the traditional Raider Waite Tarot deck, which I love. Later I progressed on to use various Angel Oracle cards and even some Astrology cards.
Practising Astrology for several years now, I enjoy delving deep into Birth Charts, Solar Return Charts, Synastry and Composite charts for relationships and even horoscope predictions. I believe that the spiritual tools we have wide access to today, were intentionally designed to guide us through the dark times in life and to reconnect us with the light of our souls. Currently, I am in the process of completing more Diplomas in Palmistry, Aura Therapy and more.


Cleansing my energy and meditating before commencing any reading is essential for me, as previously mentioned I am very sensitive to my surroundings. Therefore, this method allows me to ground myself and my energies and to then focus in on the client, so I am able to accurately pick up on the client’s energies and the guidance I receive from my spirit guides and the angels. I also tend to hone in on my feelings/intuition as this is one of the primal ways spirit communicates with me directly.
I sometimes tend to combine Astrology (signs, planets etc) with my tarot readings, as this brings in more clarity and detail.


Diplomas in Energy Healing, Astrology and Tarot.

Services & Fees

I offer readings via email only. Once payment is received through my PayPal I will respond within 24hours with an email of acknowledgment. Please expect to receive your reading within 5-7 working days (depending on the type of service). I will clarify this in my initial email.

Tarot readings:
1 question - £5
3 questions - £7
5-card spread - £13
You and your partner spread - £15
*looks at how two people each view the relationship and what each party wants from it.
Relationship spread - £17
*looks at the dynamics between two people within a relationship at any given time.
12-card horoscope spread - £20
*looks at the surrounding energies and what is taking place in all areas of your life now or can be done for future predictions.
3-month spread - £25
*looks at events that can likely occur in each month in love, home, work and finance.
6-month spread - £45
*looks at events that can likely occur in each month in love, home, work and finance.

Astrology reports:
Weekly horoscope - £10
Personality profile - £12
Love style & relationships - £12
Work & finance - £12
All three (personality, love style and work & finance) - £32
Monthly horoscope - £25
Comprehensive birth chart analysis - £50
Solar return chart analysis - £65
*looks at your birth chart in conjunction with solar return chart for a specific year to predict likely events and/or opportunities to occur until your next birthday.
All readings will be sent in a written document via email along with a photo of your spread (for card readings only).


After your third reading, I will consider you as one of my regular clients, resulting in a 10% loyalty discount on your future readings. Also, refer a friend and you will receive a free 3-question reading.

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