I offer a variety of reading styles, I use tarot, oracle cards, channeled messages from spirit. I also create personalized birth charts, and do readings based on your planetary alignments at birth and certain questions about life purpose, and other current situations in your life.

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Age 38
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My name is Leah I am a 37-year-old claircognizant intuitive empath and channel. I grew up in southern Ga, and currently reside in south Florida. Growing up I always had connection with the divine and could always feel the energy and emotions around me. At one point it became overwhelming, and I went through many of years of running away from my gifts and my calling. I ended up in one toxic relationship after the other, the final one extremely violent, and almost lost my life. I believe my spirit chose to endure the trauma so that I could help heal others as well as being a living example of "living to tell the tale". I have had to go through a lot of rejection in life, sometimes feeling I belong to another world. After many years of therapy, addiction recovery, spiritual awakening and rebirth, I have been able to start the process of spiritual service and giving back. I am absolutely passionate about helping others who have been through anything from a break-up to trauma to addiction, and offering my experience and helping them to connect to their own essence. I have been studying the ins and outs of tarot for almost 5 years and all things metaphysical. I am currently in school to be an addiction therapist and I hope to help many more clients.


I have lifelong experience as the empath friend that no one listens to until after things happen exactly as I said they would. After recovering from addiction and helping others who were struggling with the same issue, I decided to go to college to be a therapist. My tarot journey began with a heartbreak, wondering if he would come back, or would he call me. Once I healed from that, my connection with tarot was so strong, I began to study and research the different ideas and I just couldn't get enough. That just opened me up to the world of divination in many more forms. I began practicing on friends and finally started doing readings on Facebook groups and couldn't believe how accurate my readings were, and the positive feedback I was receiving. Now I do readings on several different facebook groups, I speak at AA meetings offering guidance as well. I want to help guide people in any area of life I can. I am truly passionate about this.


My most prominent gifts are claircognizant, automatic writing, clairsentience, and clairvoyant, in that order. For divination tools I use tarot, oracle, numerology and astrology. I like create personalized birth charts, and doing readings based off the chart because I give them insight into why things have happened in their life and where their life is likely to go. My style is always living in the solution for people who are having hard time in any area. Especially when I have experience in the area they are having trouble with. I like to show them where there blockages are, why they keep attracting toxic partners, and then help guide them and show them how to change it. I would say my overall style is to help connect them to their higher self so that can create their best life possible


Currently attaining a degree in Addiction Therapy

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I offer anything from mini reads to in-depth readings. I can create you on personalized natal chart and also readings based on your natal chart to help determine your life purpose, where you may have blockages, or any other life concern you may have. Reasonable pricing. All readings are delivered by email, I channel the most detail through automatic writing, and you are guaranteed to get clear in depth messages, if you would like a phone call or chat to discuss the reading and process with me I am more than happy to do that at no extra cost. Pricing Mini Reads $5.00, In depth full spread $15.00, Personalized Natal Chart $20.00 Natal Chart with Spread $25.00 Prices are negotiable

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