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Tarot intuitive with over 39 years experience. I incorporate all five senses into your reading through Tarot, Oracle, and Chakra cards. Life has paths, let's help find the best one for you.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 49
Experience 41 Years

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Raised in the foothills of North Carolina, my abilities were inherited through my father's side. Being empathic as well as intuitive, I have nurtured my gifts in ways that connect people with their best path. I have a masters degree in Professional & Technical Communication, a life partner of 25 years, and three handsome sons. I identify as female with a strong male presence. Leo sun, Virgo moon, Virgo rising.


My abilities began developing around the age of 8 years old when I started to truly feel other's feelings and emotions. In middle school I began dabbling in white magic and Tarot-card reading. In my 20s I discovered I was born with Synesthesia and have utilized this gift in an intuitive way. Through the years my connection with Tarot has grown stronger and I have connected with hundreds of family, friends, and strangers to provide them an intuitive path for themselves.


I utilize Tarot cards along with numerology and listen to my inner guidance to help me predict the cards' truest meaning. Additionally, I compliment my readings by using Oracle and Chakra cards to truly tap into people's energies and areas that may need more attention and focus.


Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Communication, Masters of Art in Professional and Technical Communication. More than 9 years of communication instruction at the university level.

Services & Fees

Tarot Reading: Up to 30 minutes = $25.00
Tarot Reading: Up to 60 minutes = $45.00
Tarot & Oracle Reading: Up to 30 minutes = $45.00
Tarot & Oracle Reading: Up to 60 minutes = $65.00
Chakra Card Reading & Guidance: Up to 30 minutes = $55.00
Chakra Card Reading & Guidance: Up to 60 minutes = $75.00
Tarot, Oracle, & Chakra Reading: Up to 60 minutes = $85.00
Tarot, Oracle, & Chakra Reading: Up to 90 minutes = $110.00

Tarot Intuition and Oracle Cards

Address: Northwest Hickory
City: Hickory
State/Region: North Carolina
Zip/Postcode: 28601
Country: United States 🇺🇸
Feel free to contact me for an intuitive Tarot reading. I utilize Oracle and Chakra cards in our reading, too. Hours by appointment, Monday through Sunday.

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