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Hello! I'm Silver and I offer tarot, angel, and oracle card readings. I specialize in self-growth and improvement readings. Throughout the years, my cards have always guided me into a path of growth and I wanted to start offering those guiding messages to the world.

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Nationality 🇧🇷 Brazil
Languages English
Experience 9 Years

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I am a pansexual Brazilian-American woman and a self-proclaimed ambivert. I have been practicing tarot card reading for five years now. Spirituality was highly present in my home and my family often believed in a mixture of spirituality (such as crystals, tarot cards, and greek eyes) with catholic God ideologies. Personally, I have a belief in God and a universal force that guides everyone.


I have been reading tarot cards for five years. I would only exclusively do readings for my family and close friends only since my cards were near and dear to me. Now I've made the decision to begin tarot reading professionally I have started to want more from my life and guide people the way my cards have guided me.


My preferred method is through tarot/oracle cards. My cards are an extension of my being.

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