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We all are unique expressions of the divine. We are the creators as well as the created. As long as the creator is inline with what it has been created for, manifestation is magical, and life is paradise. Know your core thoughts and feelings that manifest your reality. Love and Live your divinity.

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Nationality 🇮🇳 India
Languages English
Experience 15 Years

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Living in Mumbai, India, I have been working in the field of metaphysics for more than 15 years with immense experience in healing through hypnotherapy, energy work and chakra balancing. With a strong inclination towards eastern esoteric studies, I have understood that the energy of sound transforms the consciousness of the medium through which it passes through. Hence I have used the science of mantras and seed sounds to create a health and beauty brand named Shuddhi Therapy.


I have always believed that the body and everything around us is a reflection of our inner thought processes, belief systems and feelings. A healthy mind results in a healthy body and a happy life. All health, wealth and relationships issues in our life are the greatest teachers that are pointing towards a wisdom that we need to learn. Once we have imbibed the wisdom the teacher has accomplished its goal and exists our lifer along with the particular issue. I have learned over the years that there exist the divine Guru within all of us. The greatest service that we could do to humanity to work towards invoking the Guru within each one so that everyone is empowered to guide and heal themselves in order to live life to their highest potential.


To tackle any subject, the seeker first needs to be guided towards the art of asking the right question, or to ask any question the correct way. There exist a Universal law of correspondence. The Universe is in constant communication with us. We have a right to information, however we need to ask in the correct way. When we know what we need to ask, we use divination tools like Tarot, pendulum dowsing and aura reading to get the information that the Universe wants to communicate through the given situation. Once we get the knowledge , we use affirmation and physical exercise to imbibe the wisdom into our daily life. Once the issue is tackled we use mantra therapy with an intention to invoke the guru within the seeker, so that it may function autonomously and be empowered to ask the right question and get its own answers without depending upon an external entity.


Masters in Hypnotherapy. : California Institute of hypnosis.
Chakra healer :
Author of VyomSutra . A Self-guiding oracle to be released in Jan 2024.

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USD 30 for any guidance or healing session

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