I am an intuitive empath born with the gift of clairsentience. My reading style is compassionate and thoughtful and people find me easy to talk to. I use tarot, oracle cards, and other tools to give accurate and insightful advice. I believe the cards are a snapshot and you control your destiny.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 51
Experience 16 Years

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I have worked in various fields including sales, customer service, and advertising and currently hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology. My degree has enriched my understanding of human behavior. In my work, I have made contact with various people from all walks of life and I enjoy socializing and getting to know people. I have taken Psychic Development Courses with have allowed me to further utilize my gift. I have been doing tarot and cartomancy readings for ten years. I also have tested with TCBA as a Certified Apprentice Tarot Reader. I am also a Certified Realm Reader and a member of the American Tarot Association. I recently became a Certified life coach and Emotional Intelligence Coach. I have read on many sites like Starz Psychics. Bitwine. Psychic Power Network, and Keen.


It was not until I had a reading done by a psychic that I discovered my gift. The psychic revealed to me that I inherited this gift from my great-grandmother. I did not have prior knowledge of this so I proceeded to contact members of my family. Awhile after my reading, I spoke with my great Aunt who was also a reader and psychic, and that's when the psychic`s revelation was confirmed. Her prediction made me a fifth-generation psychic who inherited my family`s legacy. Since reaching an understanding and knowledge of my gift I began reading and learning various aspects of tarot and cartomancy reading. I have taken several courses to develop my skills. I started practicing on Biddy Tarot and ATA as a free tarot reading. This experience gave me the basis to perfecting my skills to the present day.


When I begin a reading I utilize crystals, tarot, oracle and playing cards to communicate messages from my spirit guides to you. Since I am empathic I feel energies so a picture helps me tune into your energy.


TCBA as a Certified Apprentice Tarot Reader
Certified Realm Reader
Angel Light Worker

Services & Fees

email readings are composed in pdf file attached to your email
3 card readings $25
10 cards reading or more $45
Realm Readings $35
I like pictures included in your request because it helps to feel your energy more.

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