Hey there! I'm Shem, I'm a tarot reader. Do you currently feel like you can't fully pinpoint what's off about your situation? What is it that you are not seeing? Through the help of the cards, I can help guide you into understanding the backbone of the issue at hand and aid you into a brighter path.

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Nationality πŸ‡΅πŸ‡± Poland
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I come from a Gypsy lineage, and as most Romani people, I grew up Roman Catholic. My faith has always been a part of me. Growing up gypsy, I was always taught that the words you say have power, and prayer is simply one of the ways to connect to that source. Today, I take my Catholic upbringing fairly seriously and my culture, the staple of who I am.

That being said, I have a slight vendetta against that side of me. Growing up I realised that I was gay, and therefore different. When we migrated from Poland to the UK I was 7. We ended up going back but then returned when I was 13. I didn't know the language or the culture. Going to school seemed a burden. But then I found my people and my passion.

I joined my school's drama club in 2014, and I am now a trained actor. Studying theatre gave me so much insight to the human psyche, and I found it fascinating how we as human are capable of reliving memories and imagining circumstances that in turn, can create a beautiful, realistic performance. Theatre became my spirituality. Almost like a religion. I had my community, my friends, my practices. It has been a wonderful experience.


I come from a long line of Gypsy tarot readers. I've witnessed multiple times both of my grandmothers, reading palms or dealing cards for people. It has been engraved into my sense of self to this day. When I first picked up the deck, it was slightly confusing, because I was stuck with the logistics of it. But my grandmother always said that "when you're giving a reading, you're not reading the cards, you're reading the person." Which is true. Reading tarot is all about getting in tune with a person's energy, and translating it back through the cards.

I started giving readings to my friends. And because I'm tuned to their energy, words just flooded out. And 9/10, it was always correct. I also realised that I have a specific way of reading tarot. I am actually reading, what it is that the person has to know in order to release their shadow. Our shadow's are made up of past traumas; past conflict and it can all go back to years before we were conceived, through generational trauma.

I created a social media account dedicated to posting tarot videos, and slowly but surely it's gaining popularity. I am now confident in my readings, and I'm confident that I will be able to help you.


My main approach is tarot, oracle and angel cards. I use them to build specific insight to your situation. Sometimes during a reading, thoughts pop up to me or I see images that I will communicate with you and ask you if it means anything to you.

Firstly, we work out what the question is that you're trying to answer. The question should be open ended and it shouldn't have a resolution in it. For example, instead of saying: How can I avoid being fired? You could say "How can I improve my work situation?" Immediately the question feels more open, and therefore the cards will say more.

Secondly, your name is very important to me, your astrological signs could help here too - sun, moon and rising, or just your sun if you don't know the others. This is so I can get a sense of your energy. I then deal the cards, and tell you what I see and what I think. Depending on the medium of communication, we could talk about what it is that sparked your interest, and if there's an area of the reading you'd like to delve deeper into.

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● Love Reading Β£15
● Career Reading Β£15
● Shadow Reading Β£20
● Angel Reading Β£10
● Angel Card Pull Β£3

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● Shadow Reading Β£25/half an hour
● Any other Β£20/half an hour

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