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Hello and welcome to my profile. It brings me great joy to share with you any insight you may be seeking on your path. I am an Intuitive and an Empath and I use the Tarot to channel energy from the spiritual realm in order to clarify where you've been, where you are, and where you are going.

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To tell you about myself, I must first tell you about my mother. She is a gifted and fiercely impassioned woman whose gifts were often not nurtured or protected by her family. Her lack of self knowledge has culminated into her current deterioted mental state having been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Watching my mother's experience through this nightmare has gotten me very familiar with some of life's most painful experiences. This is but one of the seeds within me that has grown in spite of the surrounding hostility into the beauty of my truth.

The brokenness and disconnection that characterizes my family's current condition has been the catalyst to me finding my own inner strengths and talents. As a young girl I often read and wrote in my diary to try to put my ongoing story into focus. Some of the books that fascinated me as a child were about astrology and humanity's connection to the stars. This led me to discover the many different traditions around the world that told the same story of our relation to divinity. The richness I discovered in our spiritual history helped me to engage with the world on another level and my faith in my Self has increased because of this continuing scholarship.

I now confidently rely upon my intuition and empathic skills using mainly tarot cards to receive direction from the ancestors, or guardian spirits as others may refer to them. I am truly grateful for the challenges I have faced because not only have I become stronger for it, but my sensitivity and ability to heal has developed as well. What I strive for is resilience and improving spiritual, emotional, and psychological hygiene. This does not mean leaving the responsibility of decision making up to the cards. To the contrary, this means knowing that the cards are only reminders of what our higher selves have known along. This is what my experience has been and I would like to invite you to share in the learning and the nurturing that this spaces provides.


I began reading tarot cards 2 years ago. One clumsy reading at a time, I learned to identify the cards and their face value meanings. I gained the courage to read my friends and acquaintances and received positive feedback on these sessions. I now read with full faith in my self and the divine for whatever messages the cards are trying to get across and my clients have been deeply moved by the supportive messages that I emphasize during sessions. Life coaching and direction are also stressed during readings. Sometimes clients ask follow up questions about how to put the advice from the cards into practice and I share many of the tools that I have learned along the way to help me edify my spirit such as constructing affirmations and other practical solutions.


I use the Tarot as a starting point for channeling. Before I shuffle, I first focus my energy on my self and my ancestors. I thank my self and my ancestors for all of their help and support they have offered from birth up until now and then move on to asking for direction and assistance in getting whatever question the querant is asking answered clearly. Then I focus on the querant and direct loving energy towards him or her. I pray and thank the querant's ancestors for also helping in making the message clear to us. I focus on the question and then begin to shuffle the cards. I use astrology, numerology, and symbology to draw connections within the reading. However, the most important aspect is relying on my spirit to hear and listen to what the ancestors are saying.

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