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I specialize in tarot card readings for those who are seeking guidance, compassion, understanding, kindness, or help decision making. Whatever your question or quandary is I am here to help you gain insight into your needs, and validate what you already know to be true, and calm anxieties and fears.

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Nationality 🇨🇦 Canada
Languages English
Age 43
Experience 9 Years

Consults On Topics

Relationship (Current)
Relationship (Ex)
Relationship (Complicated)
LGBT Issues
Family Issues
Friend Issues
Life Guidance
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I am a 35 year old RN from Manitoba working in Palliative care. I am a stepmom to a wonderful step son for the last 4 years. So far this learning experience called life has been very [removed] have been a registered nurse for over nine years and I have a background in geriatrics and end of life care. I work with those who are going through the hardest changes of their lives and it has blessed me with a perspective in life most won’t get to learn except from their own experiences. My life has taken me from a terrified young woman in her twenties who could not say no to anyone, to a nursing graduate, to a messed up girl who was lost and didn’t know if she would ever have truly healthy relationships, to a wiser woman who has survived everything that life has thrown at me to the present day. It’s taken me through good times and bad times, times of loss and times of sorrow and success. I am the survivor of an abusive relationship and I have experience starting my life over after feeling like I was finally on the right path, therefore I am more than willing to help anyone who needs to work through their emotional or relationship issues, or breakup issues. I work with the terminally ill at the end of their lives and help their families cope with their grief. I have worked with people from all walks of life, and beauty is truly in our diversity. It has been an honour and a privelige to work with people from all walks of life at that sacred time in their lives. I’ve decided to give my talent for tarot a try outside of my friend groups.


My experience as a counsellor has always been through people who have been drawn to me naturally. I have always had a large variety of friends from all walks of life who have come to me for guidance, reassurance, advice and compassionate understanding. Working with the terminally ill at the end of their lives, as well as their grieving families has provided me with a vast amount of experience with people and assisting them to get through the hard times in their lives. My nursing education has taught me the importance of professionalism and am educated in basic counselling skills with individuals in crisis.


I use tarot (Rider waite deck) to do a reading on my clients. The Rider-Waite deck speaks to me in a way no other tools ever have. I have always been drawn to tarot even as a young child, not understanding the reasons why I was always attached to them. I ask my clients if there is any area of their lives they would like to seek guidance or advice, and encourage them to focus their energy on their question or problem that needs solving. After choosing an appropriate spread for the question or problem the seeker is needing guidance with, I interpret the cards as they lay and engage in a meaningful conversation with my client to ensure all the areas they need addressed have come to light so that they can hopefully move forward with a more enlightened approach. Whether that is a message from spirit coming through in their reading, or validation of something they have been unsure about, the tarot is a powerful tool to unlock the areas of our subconscious we have been searching for.

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$15 per email or instant message reading- any topic is welcome. If you have a specific question or concern please indicate that with your request so I can interpret the cards in a more personalized way.

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