Shanta Lee

A 30-year fortune-telling card reader. Lenormand, Kipper, Tarot, Angels, etc. mixing decks with an intuitive self-created unique card reading that when using layers of modalities affords an amazingly accurate reading.

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Nationality 🇨🇦 Canada
Languages English
Experience 34 Years

Consults On Topics

Relationship (Current)
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Future Romance
Money & Wealth
Job & Career
Friend Issues
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Life Guidance
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A dual Canadian-European born in a family with a grandmother who was very spiritual and involved in seances. She planted the seed of the occult in me very early in life. I am married, separated, and married again. All to the same person! Because of this, I have a unique perspective on losing, waiting, creating, and reuniting with a complicated ex-relationship. I also have been a financial advisor and use my intuition and skill set to advise on money mindset matters and future fortune-telling matters. I have been a small business owner of a New Age store and also have my Reiki Level 2. I have an Aquarius son and a Scorpion daughter who is very mystical and is interested in Astrology and also has her Reiki Level 2, so the generational gifts continue.


For the first years, I would only read for friends and family. Almost 20 years ago a little white-haired lady came for a visit from Ireland. I read her my gypsy cards and she was so flabbergasted at my accuracy, she begged me to come back to Ireland with her and she "would make me a millionaire from reading these cards!" Note: I never did go but it made me realize I could make money reading cards.


I have created a unique reading system that no other reader uses. Over the 20 years, I have used this system, it has proven itself time and time again. I always start with Lenormand 12 cards, I read that foundation and then apply a second layer of 12 Kipper cards. I then weave the 24 cards together to create an outcome, using past, present, near future and further future. I seal the reading with Tarot cards and create a summary using Law of Attraction so the client has a direction to carry on to get to the future the cards indicate. Using my intuition, I may bring in charms, Angels, or other oracle cards if we need even further clarification.


Reiki Level 2

Services & Fees

On line:
30 minutes - $50
60 minutes - $80
Birthday Reading - $100

In person:
30 minutes - $60
60 minutes - $100
Birthday reading - $120

Discounts for parties, based on number of people. (Example: 4-6, $40 for 20 minutes, 6+ $30 for one question, hostess complimentary.)

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