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As a hands on learner life has been a bit of an exploration for me. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota I spent the first couple of years of my life on the road with my parents. Traveling from renaissance festival to renaissance festival before settling back down in Minneapolis. My father is a first generation Afro-Cuban immigrant and my mother has southern roots and is partially indigenous Tsalagi. My life history is rich and you can bet I’ll be able to understand and hold space for you without judgement. I have worked as a youth leader, artist, server, and now as a psychic and healer. I have experienced multiple parental divorces, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, self-destruction, sex-work, alcohol/drug abuse, and trauma with immigration and the police.

I am a devotee of Santa Muerte, a poet, a tarot reader, psychic, spiritual channel, and healer. I believe in the power of decolonizing the mind through active education and self examination. I think it is important for us to take control of our lives through accountability and spiritual maintenance, and that regardless of what we have been through in life we can find joy in our present and shape the future according to our hearts true desires. Without limitations.


From a young age I’ve had the gift of feeling into the future. My emotional scape flows ahead of the waves of the collective, allowing me to better help others navigate the turbulence of the energetic shifts in the world. Psychic abilities and the calling to be a healer followed me throughout my lifetime. I’ve dedicated myself from childhood to understanding the human experience. As a Virgo sun and moon sign, I take the responsibility of serving the collective quite seriously. A forever student of life, I have studied communications, child psychology, sociology of aging, empath and narcissist dynamics, self-awareness and accountability, how thoughts shape our reality, the inner dynamics of shame and healing, and different modalities of healing in spirituality.

I have continued my education beyond the walls of structured institutions, continuing with reading, listening to podcasts, reaching out to other healers, and gaining certifications. I am a certified Tarot Reader, EFT Practitioner, and Transformation Life Coach. I have written a 36 page e-book called “Smells Like Accountability” a beginners guide to connecting with the higher self. I am currently working on creating a workshop to go along with my ebook and create a helpful foundation for others to work through.

I believe in continuing my education, abilities, and strengthening my practices diligently through my life. I believe that when I tend to my spiritual, emotional, and physical needs I am a brighter and more open vessel for spirit to work through. Being a healer and psychic is a responsibility and commitment to spirit that I do not take lightly.


I read both tarot and oracle cards, in fact I have my own handmade oracle deck I like to use. I am a channel for spirit and always seek to serve the highest good of spirit and humanity. I believe that we must take responsibilities for ourselves and creating the proper toolkits to help us get through our lives and prosper ourselves, and I can help you build that kit! Our minds are incredible tools, through honest reflection, prayer, and intention we can rewrite our storylines, but we’ve got to be willing to put in the work ourselves as well!

Regardless of the power I hold and the strength of my psychic connection, you must be open to truly receiving the messages spirit has for you. Often spirit does not tell us what we want to hear, but they will tell us what we need to hear in order to build the life we truly desire. No one can heal you but yourself however, I can certainly help smooth out the process for you.

Every reading I do is unique and varied. As a channel for spirit, I do what I am called to do. This sometimes involves using my pendulum, delivering messages from aspects of yourself, or other energies around. My readings are always focused on self-empowerment and accountability. Life can get a little messy, so I like to bring the light and humor in as much as possible. If you can’t find it in you to laugh at yourself from time to time, I am not the reader for you.

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