Practicing Tarot for 13 years makes you see the world on a higher level, with a lot of appreciation. You get to meet so many people, who you help and actually care for. I definitely check up on all of my clients to see how their lives are going. Helping others is how I want to lead my life.

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I am a self proclaimed gypsy. Always wandering this world, moving so much. I am currently single with no children, which gives me a lot of time to devote to people who need me. Currently I am living in the suburbs of Chicago, I am far away from family and I miss them very much. I move a lot, hoping for a new start. I have been in relationships, been dumped, been abused, and was even shot in the head. I survived all of the heartache and near death and I know that I am here to give help and love to others. I am here to give courage and guidance to others.

I have 13 nieces and nephews, I've been helping to raise them for about 14 years now! They may not have come out of me, but I surely know how it is to raise and love children as your own.

I am the youngest of 7 children. 2 of which passed away at birth. My parents are divorced and I'm the only one in my family without children or a criminal record (seriously! I'm proud of myself for not even being an alcoholic!)


My mother gave me my first Tarot Deck when I was 12 years old. I practiced on friends and family up until high school. I would be at lunch and teenagers I didn't even know would come to me to read their cards. I started with the Rider-Waite tarot deck. I also had astrology cards that I would read for people as well, although I wasn't drawn to those very much.

I ended up losing my Tarot and Astrology cards in one of my moves, which made me learn about Cartomancy. I was especially drawn to reading from regular playing cards because many people were so surprised you could do that! (I have a thing for wowing people).

My mother and I owned a shop together in upstate New York. I was going through inventory when I fell upon The Answer Deck. I fell in love right then. I still use those cards (they are my main deck I love to use) I also happened upon Tarot of a Moon Garden Tarot Deck. Beautiful illustrations.

Tarot of a Moon Garden and The Answer Deck are so different. The Answer Deck is more of Oracle cards. But I will use them separate and sometimes together even :)

While we owned the shop I met a lot of different people who helped me learn how to listen to my guides in a deeper and loving way. They taught me which crystals to use and how to read in a unique way that you don't really see anyone use these days.


I use oracle cards and tarot cards (Depending on which one I'm drawn more to when I talk to different people). I first get into a meditative state while holding the cards and I ask my guides to help guide me to honesty, love, and light to help the questioner. I'm very big on honesty and if I cannot get a feel for someone's question, I tell them right away with a refund.

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For every reading I do, it's $1 per minute.


City: Franklin Park
State/Region: Illinois
Country: United States 🇺🇸

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