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Born in the Uk, English, Celtic and Balkan descent, I have been energy healing from the age of 6 (not knowing at the time that it was a gift!) I have always been Intuitive, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, and 100% empathic by nature, drawn to crystals, tarot cards and energy healing from a very young age.
5 years ago I was catalysed by the physical meeting of my energetic twin soul into a full blown Kundalini awakening which switched all of my spiritual gifts into overdrive.
The divine then guided me into my true soul purpose (prior to this I worked in the music industry for 20 years) and I moved into divination/channeling and the healing arts.
In between my music career, ’ve been reading professionally part time for the past 5 years, with a great roster of clients both new and returning across the world and guiding helping souls on their own journey.
I am a Reiki master/teacher (Usui Reiki III) but also incorporate my own intuitive healing gifts to help others shift blockages within their energy and psychical bodies.
I cover the whole spectrum with Tarot but my main specialty is love and relationship readings.
I am also qualified in Kundalini Yoga Practice, and work directly with Kundalini energy to help others shift their consciousness to higher levels, through cleansing, stimulating and directing the life force energy in the body in order for people to reach true inner divine union.
I can also help to guide Kundalini back down out of the higher chakras if it is overactive and /or causing complications and imbalance.


From being a very young child I have been very sensitive to energy (astral projecting, healing and feeling people’s energy blockages, telepathic and highly intuitive)
With 8 placements of Scorpio in my chart (Super stellium) being a life path 9, and a Pisces/Aries cusp (the cusp of death and rebirth) it was only a matter of time before I was ‘reactivated’
You could say I went for a long sabbatical until 5 years ago when I ‘woke back up’ and started to connect to the divine and my spirit guides again.
I immediately moved into tarot reading as guided, starting first with reading for myself, friends and family and then being guided to move forward professionally to expand my gift in helping others.
I now have a healthy international roster of clients - both new and returning.
More recently I started to expand my practices and accreditation (even though I truly believe direct experience with the divine is the best teacher and 'course/ you can do) but I am now a fully qualified reiki master/teacher and expanding into the arts of Tantric practice, Breathwork, Spiritual life & empowerment coaching, Akashic record reading and Sound therapy (these are not services I currently offer publicly, but will when guided that the time is right!)

I look forward to being of service to the divine for you, and helping you connect to your higher selves & source messages!


When reading Tarot I will help you bring higher messages and guidance back 'down to earth' and use them in your human life. (if it is a human matter I'm reading for of course)
For spiritual guidance readings (those who are going through the ascension process/ Spiritual Shift) my approach comes with practical advice alongside divine messages through the cards, in order to help you move forward on your journey and find further ways develop, integrate and master your own gifts.

Tarot is simply a stronger and more visual way for me to interpret channelled messages (plus I LOVE reading!)
Divination techniques I use are a mix of traditional tarot spreads, although I usually work with a 10-20 card Celtic cross unless guided otherwise, as messages are more thorough with gaining an understanding of present, past and future that relates to the subject.

My Reiki healing sessions are currently remote only (at a distance) as I am currently out of the UK living in Thailand - but please know that remote Reiki is equally as powerful as a hands on session - with the same protocol and length of session time.
We will set a time for you to put aside 60 mins and I will send Reiki healing energy over to you as if you were in the room with me having a hands on session (energy is transient and can be directed and channeled anywhere across the universe regardless of 'time' or distance.) We are not bound to 'past, present and future' when working with Reiki and the benefits can be felt from across the other side of the globe.

Kundalini sessions are based on an assessment of the client ONLY (stimulation of kundalini energy for those that are not energetically prepared can lead to complications including Kundalini Syndrome (overload) due to the influx of energy that moves through the Nadis and higher Chakras.
This method is only offered to people who's Kundalini is already active but blocked or needs moving up into the higher chakras, OR guided back down into the lower chakras if causing problems.
Please Note:
I will not be activating anyones Kundalini from its complete dormant state, as It is dangerous to do so for an unprepared soul.
I will cautiously and thoroughly assess you first (psychological, emotional and physical state) via a one on one video call to see if I can help you. Please be aware that if I feel you are not prepared I will have to decline, as It is my duty to the divine to be responsible when using my gifts and must be for the highest good.


Usui Reiki Master/Teacher - CPD Certified (300 Hours)
Kundalini Yoga practitioner - CPD Certified (150 Hours)
Kundalini Dance & Sacred Movement Certification
7 Master Glands Purification & Activation Certification

Although I must say...regardless of my 'qualifications' that look nice on paper... there is no greater teacher than direct experience and the gift of spiritual awakening from the divine.
No human coursework or certificate can compare. :)

Services & Fees

TAROT READINGS - (Private Video Reading-uploaded to Youtube. Readings last anywhere between 25 mins to 1 hour depending on the spread and messages)
- 10 card Celtic Cross Tarot Reading £30 (approx 20-30 mins)
Extended Reading (more clarity/ 20 cards) £45 (approx 1 hour)

-10 card Love/relationships reading £30 (approx 20-30 mins)
Extended reading with further clarity/ advice £45 (approx 1 hour)

- 3 card mini reading (3 cards spread - Past, present & Future) £11.11

- 12 Card full yearly forecast - £45
Extended/more detail (24 cards) £55


-Remote Reiki healing session (30 mins) £20
-Remote Reiki healing session (60 mins) £35
-Remote Reiki Healing session with crystals (30 mins) £25
-Remote Reiki Healing session with crystals (60 mins) £40
-Remote Akashic Records Reiki (focusing solely on past life/timeline clearing) (30 mins) £25
-Psychic Surgery (work with direct injury and physical pains by performing energetic surgery on affected area) £40 (60 mins)
-Distance Reiki (sending Reiki to person/situation of your choice) £20 (30 mins)

-Reiki manifestation Triangle (for any area of your life (or anyone else’s) where you are trying to make a change. It works for jobs, health, addictions, relationships, money issues, and more) £15

- Stimulate or subdue Kundalini energy (contact for assessment)


Advance block bookings (3 Reiki Sessions/3 Tarot readings (or combination of any (3 or more) will receive 10% discount on total.

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