Hello, my name Sabrina and I offer insight for different difficult situations in order to help people grow and heal as well as have a better understanding of themselves, I hope we can grow together!

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Nationality 🇦🇷 Argentina
Languages English, Español
Age 24
Experience 6 Years

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Im Sabrina, tho people call me Saso! I'm 21 years old and I live on Argentina tho I'm bilingual.
I'm currently on med school and I practice divination as hobby and a tool for spiritual growth.
I'm a pagan green witch and have been exploring different paths and such for a bit over 3 years now, my granpa was a parapsicologist so I grew up surrounded by occult themes and I've always been interested on this kind of stuff!
I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 6 years now and we hope to live together soon.
I'm basically looking to better my abilities as a divinator, to grow spiritually, help people ddo the same, become better, and hopefully, make some money to support myself as kind of a side job.
I've doing paid and free readings for about 2 years right now, I've started with runes and I slowly made my way to pendulums, tarot and soon I'll add oracle cards! My reading style have changed quite a bit since I started but I'm pretty confident on my skills at the moment.


I started doing rune readings for my friends and close family members, they were accurate most of the time, I started practicing taking free readings, first only with runes, for around a year.
I got my first pendulum at the beginning of this year and while learning how to use it, I started giving more complete answers than just "yes" or "no". I also started reading auras with it, having very accurate answers.
I then got my first tarot deck a few months after I got my pendulum and I dived right in. I started again doing simple 3 card readings for myself and my friends.
Moving on I started doing intuitive readings were I mixed tarot, runes and sometimes crystals and pendulum, having accurate results and great feedback.
I started doing simple paid rune readings and people were pleased so far so when I felt confident enough I added simple tarot readings having good results.
I then developed a few spreads that help bring insight into people's life, I try to add stuff that will help with their path and will help them change for the better.
Currently my most popular spreads are the spirit guide and the TwinFlame/SoulMate (depending on which one you wanna know about) spread, they both, aside from letting you know about your guides/your soulmate/twinflame it lets you know things about yourself.
For now I've offered more free readings than paid ones, but the outcome have been very positive, the readings are accurate and let people thinking, which is ultimately my purpose.


To do readings I will only need to know the method you prefer and if you would want any specific spread or number of cards/runes pulled out for you, also your name, initials or a nickname if there is anyone else involved on the questions mention their's too.

My runes are better for advice and relationship (romantic or platinc) readings, I can do simple 3 with the basic past-present-future. 5 rune readings past-present-future-advice-overall look.
Aswell as a celtic-cross spread.
I will tell you the collective meaning of the reading and stop to talk about specific things from each rune from time to time.

Tarot is better for more serious topics, and when you need the universe to call you out and give you a little push. It is better to ask more complete questions rather than a "yes or no" one so answers will be less vague.
I have a few specific spreads that range from 5 to 11 cards tho I also do simple 3 to 5 card readings.
If a card falls while shuffling I add to the reading. I will read the cards as a whole unless the spread answer a question per card.

I can also do pendulum readings which can go from simple "yes or no" questions to picking options to aura readings. Pendulum sessions can be long and complete or short and simple.
I own three pendulums currently and they all are better at different things so the pendulum used might vary from question to question tho all of them are equally accurate.

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