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Bright Blessings! I am Saoirse. I give in depth readings that are no nonsense, and focused on receiving and delivering messages for each individual I am reading for. No topic is off-limits, and I deliver the accurate truth. I look forward to reading for you! Blessed Be!

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 47
Experience 13 Years

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I was brought up conservative, and to be a good little obedient female wanting nothing more than marriage and children. I was raised in a home with drugs, abuse, and being told I would be no better. I am the polar opposite, and learned that when I went to a liberal arts school, met people who were all the way I was told was not allowed, and I discovered there is no ONE right way to be. I walked away from my toxic family and got my degree in writing, something people said I would never accomplish. I worked in nursing homes, as well as doing clown work, cavern tour guide work, and retail. After converting to Wicca, and beginning to practice magic and divination, I taught a few classes, had some students ask me for help on assignments learning about other religions, and spoke at the very University where I went twice with friends about Paganism. During this awesome time, I went through a life shattering divorce, but this was perhaps the best thing to ever happen to me. I could never have learned all I have in that relationship. For one thing, I discovered I am bisexual! I dated men and women, discovered my sexuality, and settled down with a grouchy Libra on the cusp of Scorpio and could not imagine being happier. We can’t have kids, which broke my heart, but we have plenty of furbabies! Once I went onto my magical path, I had a great time with friends facilitating a magical discussion group that started in the basement of Fly By Night, Columbus, Ohio. We did sabbats, volunteering, and helped our friends, the Druids get a liturgy slot at The Dublin Irish Festival for the First Time. I won the Leslie Dauterman Award for community service , and with my Priest had many gatherings, and talks. I did readings at local shops including The Magical Druid, The Parlor, and AlsoGoods, as well as reading on my own in my home, and online. I signed on with Mystic sense September of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. My belief is that the divine is too big to fit into one religion and all gods, and goddesses are legitimate. We are here to do what the gods want us to do, what we want to do, and start all over again once we reincarnate. I have been able to be supportive of many and their path, even if they are not Wiccan, like me due to this belief, and I communicate with many gods, goddesses, and spirits when I contact them to paint them. Creativity and intuition guide my path, and I can't wait to see what is next!


At a young age, I was drawn to the metaphysical topics, and did quite a bit of "forbidden reading" . When I was 28, a friend talked me into speaking with a tarot reader. I was floored, because he had all the answers! I bought a deck and started learning soon after! My official start on my magical path, which helped me harness my gifts started in my 30's, and I was initiated into Wicca, and started learning with my mentor and Priest. All of these things brought people to me, and I practiced my reading at Meetups, and then in shops for pay. In 2020, I signed on with an online team, and I really like doing online readings as well. I was lucky enough to be accepted as a writer for Pagan Pages emag, and my editor has accepted me as an assistant editor of our publication!


As to methods…divination is not something you "get good at" after some classes. You have the natural ability and find a tool that is your best way to channel it. For me, it's cards. Over the years, I have discovered my style is compassionate, but truthful. I don't just tell people "all your dreams can come true and you can be all you want" because sometimes, that's not true. I read the way the first reader I met read for me, and it’s how my Priest is, and their example has guided me. I draw from several tarot decks as tool to channel my intuition. You send me a bit of your energy after asking your question, and I let the cards guide me. If we are in person or texting, I take questions throughout the reading, if it is is an e-mail, I answer in paragraph form in depth to answer your question.


I am an initiated Wiccan in an eclectic tradition and I have initiated and acted as Priestess for ritual. I am currently working towards my Third Degree.

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I charge $2 per minute for reading online or in person, or $25 for a flat fee to answer one question in depth by an e-mail I send to you.

Home Readings

Address: Brandywine Drive
  Unit H
City: Westerville
State/Region: OH
Zip/Postcode: 43081
Country: United States 🇺🇸
Hours by appointment. Contact me for your appointment today!

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1 (614) 425 9080

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