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I am Rune Meir, an Eclectic Witch who has been practicing divination for six years - so far. I do tarot readings, oracle readings, pendulum readings, and am currently practicing with runes. My tarot and oracle spreads are different from most and depend on what I'm reading for. Contact me for more!

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Nationality 🇨🇦 Canada
Languages English
Experience 10 Years

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I am an Eclectic Pagan who lives in Canada, and I currently attend Sheridan College. I have been a Pagan witch for six years and have quite a bit of knowledge about the different types of crafts. Besides divination, I can also offer insight on the different types of crafts that I taught myself through and understood. I grew up around black magic users as well, so I like to believe I understand the balance when it comes to witchcraft.


As a counselor, or divination reader, I started off reading for close friends. Now, I read for whomever finds out about me and requests a reading. I do many different types of spreads which tend to attract people a lot more, though I did start with the basic three card spread when I first began.


I use the major arcana tarot cards mostly for many different matters, however when it comes to giving detailed advice, I find using oracle cards or the minor arcana tarot cards are much easier to use and help people with. I also use pendulums for those who want straight-to-the-point answers. And though I do read runes, I am still learning to read the stones confidently therefore I prefer not to use them.


I have not received any certifications, or such, because I have hidden my craft and tend to not be too open about it.

Services & Fees

Major Arcana tarot reading; $1 per card pulled ($1 for 1 card, $5 for 5 cards, etc)
Minor Arcana tarot reading; $5 per spread (5 cards only)
Oracle reading; $3 for House of Night Oracle (3 cards), $3 for Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle (3 cards), $3 for Work Your Light Oracle (3 cards), $3 for Karma Cards (3 cards), $1 for Postcards from Spirit (1 card). An extra dollar per extra card pulled.
Pendulum reading; $1 per question

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+1 647 864 0636

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