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Not all who wander are lost, and some wander a long time for the right wisdom. Let me help bring insight to the questions that are troubling you. Everything is more connected than we sometimes can see. An outside perspective is sometimes just what we need.

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Nationality πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ United States
Languages English
Experience 8 Years

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Throughout life I have had instances of seeing exactly what would happen before it did, and it caused a curiosity that led to me studying Tarot and magic from a young age. Just recently I have felt that I am confident enough in my understanding to offer readings. I lived through many different kinds of life experiences that I would never wish upon anyone and am grateful to have come out of it as the person I am. I witnessed and experienced physical abuse as a child- some even due to my want for knowledge. I witnessed what addiction does, what effects it can have on people doing it or that are the people around. I have unfortunately dealt with emotional and mental abuse. I was raised that I was going to hell for being Bi, studying magic, and essentially being myself thanks to an overzealous religious religion and being raised in the south part of the USA. I have been in so many random, weird, heartbreaking and horrible situations since childhood that I would rather not go into here. I am just grateful to have been able to escape the toxic patterns that were around me. I am hoping that my skills and practice can be of help to those hoping for answers or advice.


My first proper vision came to me in a dream at almost 5 years of age. I was able to see the exact events of an almost fatal car accident that would occur involving myself the next day in every detail. Since an early age thanks to this, I have been studying to understand this gift.
Tarot Certification in progress


Every reading starts with a cleansing of my tarot with a candle or incense. I then draw a circle in charcoal and ask the universe for only honest insight into the questions being asked today. I put down my cloth and cards and from this point, if it is in person, I would let them do the shuffling. Otherwise, I let the question sit in quiet as I shuffle. The spread is dependent on the type of question asked. I need a moment of silence to reflect before flipping the cards, from there I study them before finally giving the reading. I close with an incense or candle.

Services & Fees

10 min reading ritual- $20 (video chat)
Email reading(may take up to a day for response) - $5
Call reading for 10min- $15
Text reading- $10

Prague, Czech Republic

City: Prague
State/Region: Prague
Country: Czech Republic πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ώ
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