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Esoteric readings for self-knowledge and spiritual insight. Frater 'TP is a professional tarot reader and practitioner of the Hermetic arts.

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Languages English
Experience 1 Years

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Spiritual Guidance
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Theurgy; magic aimed at spiritual development and gnosis.


An author, researcher, auto-didact and tarot reader, Frater 'TP studied Jungian depth psychology for four years and has a deep interest in several other aspects of psychology especially relating to peak performance/sports psychology and social engineering - the knowledge of which can be used positively as well as to manipulate people.


Frater 'TP specializes in qabalistic tarot readings. Qabalah is an esoteric framework which most notably utilizes the tree of life glyph as a map of both the inner and outer universe.


None to reveal.

Services & Fees

Tarot Consultation (Bookings) 30 mins £30 60 mins £50, via discord call. Add me Frater TP#6057

Pre-recorded Tarot Readings - No set amount of time. Price depends on the spread.
Golden Dawn/Celtic Cross/Tree of life Spread - £27
Secret of the High Priestess/Ankh - £22
Intuitive £17 (shortest)
Tarot Alchemy - £48

Celtic Cross - detailed answer to specific question
Golden Dawn - detailed general reading
Tree of Life - general reading and useful when working on a goal
Ankh - shows trends (how a situation will progress)
Secret of the High Priestess - reveals hidden things especially if the last card is of Major Arcana
Intuitive - no spread, just pulling cards and seeing what happens
Tarot Alchemy - A long celtic cross interpretation followed by detailed qabalistic analysis with a focus on turning around a challenging situation or "turning led into gold". It is most valuable to practising occultists/people familiar with some form of qabalah


None at this time.

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