I have been consulting the tarot since I bought my first deck at the age of fifteen. I began reading for friends and acquaintances in my early twenties. I am well versed in tarot correspondences and the souls journey as outlined in the major arcana.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
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Age 38
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I am from the Pacific Northwest and have traveled coast to coast through the United States and western Canada. Travel has always been a personal passion of mine and I believe it fits well in this arena. Having lived and experienced other people and places vastly different from my upbringing has brought me a good sense of humor and humility.


In the beginning I was reluctant to counsel friends and family using the tarot because I felt that the inward journey was best searched for alone. As time has progressed I have become increasingly aware of how guidance and direction through clear communication can solve perception problems people aren’t even aware they have.


I tend to allow the cards speak for themselves. I have studied personality archetypes, and I do follow the outline of jungian philosophy in psychology. I pay particularly attention to dream analogies and continued themes in client readings of tarot.



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